My Food Journal

It has occurred to me that you might want to see what I eat each day, though it seems a little ho-hum to put on the main blog.

Also, a few notes on how my kids eat. They eat badly. I blame myself and also Kip's picky genes. For school lunches I pack a PB sandwich, applesauce, and sometimes a breakfast cookie. They eat cereal or pancakes in the mornings generally. They eat a lot of bread, a lot of PB, and lately a lot of bananas.

September: Taking a break from this this month.

Breakfast: cereal for most. Oatmeal for Kip. Watermelon milk.
Lunch: I had a burrito with various leftovers from the fridge. Kid's had PBJ's, applesauce, grapes.
Dinner: squash latkes. Watermelon milk. Eggs.
Snacks: nectarines, nuts
Dessert: cookies
My veggies:  7.5 C (watermelon--like, at least 5 cups of it; maybe more, nectarines, corn, potatoes, yellow squash)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, oatmeal for me.
Lunch: Mark had mac and cheese, others had PBJ's, applesauce. I had bread with vegetable spread and a peach.
Dinner: Homemade pepperoni pizza. Cucumber salad--a very small one with the last of the garden's cucumbers.
Snacks: cantaloupe smoothie, peaches, nuts, breakfast cookies
Dessert: Chocolate PB cookies
My veggies: 5.5 (cranberries, tomato, eggplant, onion, pepper, tomato sauce, cucumber, peaches, cantaloupe)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, scone for me
Lunch: leftover breakfast cookies, peach smoothies, watermelon. I had veggie spread on sourdough
Dinner: sloppy joes--I had mine as a stuffed pepper, cucumber salad, watermelon. .
Dessert: pb cookies
Snacks: nectarines, watermelon
My veggies: 6 C (watermelon, peaches, banana, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion, carrots, apple)

Breakfast: cereal for some, scones for me. nectarines.
Lunch: PBJ's for most. Kip had meat sandwiches. I had a BLT. a few potato chips
Dinner: pizza at a school thing and then I went to a coming home party and had pork sandwiches and salads. Those salads were yum whoever made them.
Snacks: nectarines, ummm
Dessert: cupcakes at the party
My veggies: 4 C (lettuce, spinach, nectarines, tomato, watermelon, blueberries, broccoli)

Breakfast: cereal for some; oatmeal for others.
Lunch: Various sandwiches: several PBJ, a BLT for me and chicken for Kip. Grapes?, tomatoes, apple sauce.
Dinner: eggs and raspberry ricotta scones with a strawberry smoothie
Snacks: nectarines, nuts, bread, apple, almond milk
Dessert: a bit of ice cream for kids, a few bites chocolate for me
My veggies : 3 C--I hope that's not right, but it's all I can remember. Better get that up with the school year and its accompanying sicknesses (nectarine, tomato, strawberries, banana, cranberries, apple)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, grapes.
Lunch: PBJ's, grapes, breakfast cookies. I had stuffed peppers and leftover zucchini orzo.
Dinner: Pizzas with the best darn garden sauce ever. Cantaloupe
Dessert: birthday cake and ice cream, skittles
Snacks: grapes, breakfast cookies, lots of licks of frosting, ahem
My veggies: 3.5 C? (grapes, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, tomato sauce, cantaloupe)

Breakfast: cereal for some. Banana muffins for others. Cantaloupe.
Lunch: PBJ's for school kids, grapes, and cookies. Muffins for little girls. I had zucchini orzo and leftover pizza. Kip had leftover spaghetti.
Dinner: (Kids' choice and prep night--a new thing we're doing in the family). Per Elizabeth's request we had mac and cheese, hamburgers, pickles and strawberry soup.
Dessert: pretty much nothing. Kip had some ice cream (and fine, I had a couple bites too, but really only a few) and the kids each had, like, 3 chocolate chips.
Snacks: nuts, muffins, grapes, apple
My veggies/fruits: 4.25 C (grapes, cantaloupe, zucchini, tomato, apple, strawberries)
Breakfast: cereal for some. Breakfast cookies for others.
Lunch: PBJ's, tuna sandwiches, leftover spaghetti. i had lunch at church--chicken salad with banana sundaes for dessert.
Dinner: Kip and I went out and had burgers and fries. The kids had tomato soup (and some more tuna)
Snacks: Apple, grapes, breakfast cookies
Dessert: ice cream
My veggies: 4 C (grapes, apple, potato, lettuce, a few slices cucumber)

Breakfast: cereal for most. Grapes.
Lunch: pbj's for most. I had stuffed peppers and fried okra. Grapes, strawberries
Dinner: spaghetti. I had mine with a leftover brat.
Dessert: Balsamic strawberries and whipped cream. Also a few bites of leftover cookie.
Snacks: nuts, grapes, grapes, grapes, strawberries.
My veggies: 4.5 C (peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, tomato sauce)

Breakfast: cereal for some, oatmeal for others (Savannah calls oatmeal whipped cream)
Lunch: Stuffed pepper for me, sandwiches for others at home. School kids got pizza.
Dinner: eggs, toast, cantaloupe, grapes.
Snacks: grapes, bread, nuts
Dessert: cookies
My veggies: 5.25 C (onion, pepper, zucchini, tomato, grapes, cantaloupe, cranberries)

Breakfast: cereal for some, oatmeal for others.
Lunch: PBJ's, grapes, strawberries for school kids. Leftover dip with crackers for Kip. Little girls had grapes, PB crackers. I had leftover pizza with a pepper.
Dinner: We had hot dogs and chicken sandwiches at a friend's house with beans on the side.
Snacks: grapes, nuts, mango, cereal, watermelon
Dessert: a few pieces candy for kids.
My veggies: 4.5 C (mango, grapes, tomato, cucumber, nectarine, watermelon, pepper)

Breakfast: cereal for most, oatmeal for me.
Lunch: PBJ's, crackers, and applesauce for school kids. Stuffed pepper for me. No idea for Kip. And the little girls had crackers, yogurt, and fruit.
Dinner: spinach artichoke dip with crackers. Blueberry soup.
Dessert: a few chocolate chips
Snacks: strawberries, nectarine, nuts, crackers, raisins
My veggies: 5. C (nectarine, strawberry, blueberry, spinach, artichoke, pepper, zucchini, tomato, cranberries, plum)

Breakfast: PB breakfast cookies. Mark had a leftover pancake
Lunch: more breakfast cookies for some, PBJ's for school kids with applesauce and spaghetti for Mark. I had a tomato sandwich.
Dinner: Leftovers: Mostly pizza, mac and cheese and crackers with PB. Green drink.
Snacks: nuts, nectarines, peaches, crackers, breakfast cookies, carrots.
Dessert: a few choc chips for the kids, grapefruit ice cream for me
My veggies: 4.5-5 C (kale, strawberries, blueberries, banana, apple juice, peach, nectarine, tomato)

Breakfast: pancakes, milk, homemade syrup.
Lunch: PBJ's for kids with mac and cheese for Mark. Kip and I have a late Sunday lunch each week while the kids quiet time. We had pizza.
Dinner: Pizza for kids.
Snack: nectarines, nuts, crackers, bananas
Dessert: peanut butter balls, grapefruit ice cream for me.
My veggies: 3 C (nectarines, tomatoes, banana)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies. Milk
Lunch: I had a vegetarian fajita. Kids had PBJ's, muffins, leftover breakfast cookies. Strawberries, grapes.
Dinner: A bust of a kale pie. With corn on the cob and apples.
Dessert: PB balls for the kids.
Snacks: nuts, peaches, apples, breakfast cookies
My veggies: 5.5 (onion, pepper, nectarine, corn, kale, apple, artichokes)

Breakfast: cereal with milk
Lunch: I had a sort of zucchini/tomato bruschetta (however you spell that) with bread. Others had PBJ's or muffins. Strawberries, cherries, grapes.
Dinner: scrambled eggs. The grown-ups had kale in theirs. Muffins. Fried green tomatoes.
Snacks: grapes, nuts, cherries, muffins
Dessert: cookies at church function for kids. I had a few chocolate chips.
My veggies: 4.5 C (cherries, grapes, zucchini, tomato, green tomato, kale)

Breakfast: cereal with milk
Lunch: I had leftover meat and potatoes. Kids had PBJ's, applesauce, PB crackers
Dinner: Spaghetti.
Snacks: Strawberries, cherries, nuts nuts nuts, bread with jam, grapes, grapes, grapes
Dessert: a little bit of ice cream and a few candies
My veggies: 4.25 C (strawberries, cherries, plum, potatoes, spaghetti sauce, grapes)

Someone clearly went on vacation here. And for a little longer than she was actually on vacation. Hmmm.
Breakfast: Breakfast cookies. Peaches.
Lunch: PBJ's, PB crackers. Slab of bread with jam and butter for me with fried okra.
Dinner: Papa Murphy's pizza. Yeah. Lame.
Snacks: green drink, crackers, breakfast cookies.
Dessert: Ice cream
My veggies: 4.5 (peaches, kale, strawberries, apple juice, blueberries, bananas, tomato sauce, carrot, okra)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, breakfast bars. Fruit.
Lunch: more breakfast cookies, roll with PB for me.
Dinner: Sandwiches and cantaloupe--the kids had PB; I had tomato.
Snacks: peaches, corn, bread, smoothie, breakfast bars

Breakfast: cereal for some, roll with jam for me. Fruit.
Lunch: PBJ's. Bananas. Cherries.
Dinner: Leftovers. I had soup with a popover. We had cottage cheese, peaches, soup, shrimp, popovers, rolls.
Snacks: rolls
Dessert: I had strawberry sorbet. The kids each had a candy.
My veggies: 5.5 C (carrot, strawberries, banana, tomatoes, peaches)

Breakfast: chocolate zucchini muffins. Banana.
Lunch: I had leftover spaghetti. Kids had sandwiches.
Dinner: tomato soup (roasted, homemade--my first time) with rolls
Dessert: candy
Snacks: peach, tomatoes
My veggies: 5 C (tomatoes, peaches, zucchini, banana, cherries)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, fruit yogurt smoothie.
Lunch: more breakfast cookies, sandwiches, strawberries, cherries.
Dinner: spaghetti with oven sauce, garlic bread, and cucumbers on the side.
Dessert: chocolates
Snacks: nuts, peaches, strawberries, cherries.
My veggies 5C (peaches, blueberries, strawberries, carrot, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies.
Lunch: sandwiches, a few leftover breakfast cookies. Peaches. I had leftover corn pie with some nuts.
Dinner: Pork stir fry with corn on the cob. Blueberry sorbet.
Snacks: nuts, zucchini bread, peaches, carrot
Dessert: PB balls for kids, a few chocolates for me.
My veggies: 4 C? (peaches, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, kale, carrot, peas, a little broccoli)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies. Blueberries.
Lunch: more breakfast cookies for the kids, leftover tomato corn pie for me with meat and cucumber salad on the side.
Dinner: Leftover tomato corn pie with blueberry lemon sorbet
Dessert: milkshakes for kids, a couple of chocolates
Snacks: nuts, blueberries
My veggies: 3.5 C (blueberries, cucumbers, tomato, corn, carrot)

Breakfast: banana chocolate chip muffins for all except Mark who had the last bowl of cereal.
Lunch: Mac and cheese, ants on a log, fruit. I had a pork sandwich and a tomato cucumber salad.
Dinner: tomato corn pie (oh, so much more amazing than it seems it could be), honey crisps (from leftover dough), cucumber salad.
Dessert: kids had PB balls
Snacks: nectarines, nuts, blueberries, muffins
My veggies: 5.5 C (banana, celery, tomato, cucumber, corn, nectarine, blueberries)

This was really fun for me at first, but I'm starting to hate this food journal.
Breakfast; breakfast cookies. Blueberries
Lunch: I had leftover pork on a bun with a tomato cucumber salad. The kids had more breakfast cookies and ?
Dinner: Corn, cucumber salad, leftover pork, peaches.
Dessert: some shakes, some candy
Snacks: nuts,
My veggies: 4.5 C (peaches, blueberries, cucumber, tomato, corn)

Breakfast: cereal for some, cream of wheat for others, zucchini bread for the rest. I had a peach.
Lunch: PBJ's, I had leftover dal, Kip had a meat sandwich.
Dinner: went out for pizza.
Snacks: peaches, blueberries, celery, zucchini bread
Dessert: cookies
My veggies:  4.25-4.5 (peach, nectarine, blueberries, celery, spaghetti sauce)

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast with PB and a peach.
Lunch: sandwiches for kids and Kip. I had leftover dal with bread.
Dinner: church party: we had smoked beef and chicken, grapes, watermelon, chips, cookies/desserts, and I had some vegetables.
Dessert: cookies, etc. at the cookout.
Snacks: zucchini bread
My veggies: 4 C (I may be being generous there)(peaches, watermelon, grapes, corn, zucchini, tomatoes, tomato sauce)

Breakfast: cereal for some, green drink for me and the girls.
Lunch: sandwiches, leftover naan with bread.
Dinner: veggie stir-fry for me, sandwiches and home fries for kids.
Dessert: too much pie for me, brownies for kids
Snacks: nuts, peaches, banana
My veggies: 5.5 C (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, kale, tomato, onion, pepper)

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast for me. Strawberries, blueberries.
Lunch: yogurt and fruit for the girls. Fruit and a sandwich for Mark. Soup for me and who knows for Kip.
Dinner: Italian crock pot chicken with rice. Green beans, cucumbers, strawberries.
Dessert: homemade ice cream with brownie chunks. Oh mama. I ate too much.
Snacks: berries, peaches, nuts, bread
My veggies: 4.5 C (cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, tomato, green beans, zucchini, corn)

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast for me. Fruit.
Lunch: pita at friend's house, cherries, grapes. Yum. Kip had a tuna melt.
Dinner: dal with naan. Squash.
Snacks: peaches, nuts, bread, blueberries, strawberries
Dessert: did we truly not have any; perhaps I should rectify that right now.
My veggies: 4 C? (peaches, tomato sauce, tomatoes, cucumber, cherries, grapes, squash, blueberries, strawberries)
Breakfast: breakfast cookies, green smoothie
Lunch: summer stew, breakfast cookies, yogurt, nuts
Dinner: leftover falafel with naan. (Kids had PB on their naan). Cucumbers, corn
Dessert: ice cream for some, cookies for others (I had bites of both; I will not confess to consuming a full portion size of one or the other.)
Snacks: nuts, peaches, string cheese, free cookie from Walmart
My veggies: 5.5 C (kale, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, banana, juice, cucumbers, corn, zucchini, tomatoes)

Breakfast: blueberry soup, breakfast cookies
Lunch: snack foods from friend's house. I had summer stew.
Dinner: falafels. Cucumber tomato salad. cucumbers. Leftover blueberry stew. Leftover home fries for picky kids.
Dessert: chocolate sorbet (oh my)
Snacks: scooby snacks (from friends), peaches
My veggies: 4. 25 C (zucchini, tomato, corn, blueberries, kale, strawberries, peaches, cucumbers)

Breakfast: zucchini bread/muffins.
Lunch: PBJ's, muffins, peaches. I had soup. Kip had cottage cheese and something else.
Dinner: Strawberry soup and leftovers. I had gazpacho.
Dessert: PB balls
Snacks: peaches
My veggies: 5 C (peaches, squash, corn, tomato, cucumber, watermelon)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies for some, toast for me.
Lunch: Sandwiches for most, breakfast bar for me.
Dinner: hamburgers, home fries, corn, cantaloupe, cucumbers.
Dessert: muffins
Snacks: Breakfast cookies, peaches.
My veggies: 4.5 C (peaches, cucumbers, cantaloupe, corn, potatoes, squash)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies, watermelon.
Lunch: PBJ's. I had gazpacho and Kip had sandwiches with cold cuts.
Dinner: Summer Stew, grilled cheese (or other sandwiches). Watermelon
Dessert: stuff at church (muffins, cookies)
Snacks: breakfast cookies, bread
My veggies: 5 C (zucchini, tomato, corn, watermelon, cucumber)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies.
Lunch: PBJ's, I had some leftovers.
Dinner: Leftover squash, chicken, brats
Snacks: I really can't remember.
Dessert: PB balls
My veggies: 5 C

Breakfast: Banana bread, breakfast cookies. Strawberry peach smoothie
Lunch: breakfast cookies, sandwiches, gazpacho and a tortilla for me
Dinner: cub scout cookout: fried chicken, watermelon, jello salad, chips, cookies, green beans
Snacks: peaches,
Dessert: frosty's
My veggies: 6 C (watermelon, tomato, cucumber, strawberry, peach, green beans, strawberries, kale, squash, tomato juice)

Breakfast: Banana bread.
Lunch: mac and cheese, crackers with PB, gazpacho for me
Dinner: chip and cheese casserole (sounds healthy, right), green beans, leftover squash casserole, watermelon, peaches, corn
Snacks: don't know
Dessert: cookies
My veggies: 7.5 C (tomato, cucumber, watermelon, green beans, corn, squash, peach)

Breakfast: breakfast bars, cereal.
Lunch: popcorn, blackberries, strawberries. Kip had sandwiches. I had onion soup and bread.
Dinner: Leftovers, sandwiches.
Snacks: peaches, blackberries, strawberries
Dessert: is it true; did we not have one? Savannah had some leftover PB balls and I guess Mark went to a b'day party and Elizabeth and Kip went on a Daddy daughter date--still there was no correlated dessert.
My veggies: 5 or 5.5 C (oranges, carrots, onions, blackberries, strawberries, peaches)

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies. Peaches.
Lunch: more breakfast cookies. Leftovers.
Dinner: tomato soup and French onion soup. Bread, cheese, crackers.
Snacks: breakfast cookies, strawberries, cherries.
Dessert: PB balls
My veggies: 5 C (raisins, cherries, strawberries, lettuce, onions. peaches)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies for some. bread with PB for others.
Lunch: granola bars, PB on bread for me with beans and corn on the side. Also a peach. Kip had corndogs.
Dinner: Leftover sourdough with spinach artichoke dip. Bananas.
Snacks: peaches, plums
Dessert: ice cream, cookies.
My veggies: 5 C (peaches, plums, spinach, artichoke, bananas)

Breakfast: cereal for some, bread with PB for others. Green drink with peaches, kale, strawberries, blueberries, banana, and apple juice.
Lunch: Leftover burger for me and a salad. PBJ's for kids.
Dinner: sourdough with spinach artichoke dip. Kids had theirs with PB. Plums, bananas.
Snacks: plums, breakfast cookies.
Dessert: cookies
My veggies: 6 or 6.5 C (kale, peach, banana, strawberry, blueberry, apple juice, lettuce, tomato, spinach, artichoke, plums, raisins)

Breakfast: cereal for some, a leftover crepe for me.
Lunch: Burgers, corn, chips, soda, hot dogs, beans at a friend's house.
Dinner: Leftovers which included crepes, salad, hard-boiled eggs, and I can't remember what else.
Dessert: popsicles, cookies
Snacks: peaches, popsicles
My veggies: 4.5 C (beets, lettuce, tomato, corn, peaches, plums, banana)

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies. Milk. peach.
Lunch: more breakfast cookies, sandwiches. I had a leftover crepe with squash, onion, and cheese.
Dinner: went out with friends. I had pasta and a salad.
Snacks: plum, peaches,
Dessert: Kids had some candy at a friend's house. i had a few bites of cake.

Breakfast: cereal for some, oatmeal for me.
Lunch: PBJ's, blueberry soup, salad for me and something else that I can't remember.
Dinner: crepes with homemade jam and nutella.
Snacks: peaches, plums,
Dessert: a bit of cobbler
My veggies: 4.5 C (carrots, peaches, plums, lettuce, beets, blueberries, strawberries, raisins)

Breakfast: cereal for most. Oatmeal with raisins for me.
Lunch: PBJ's for kids. Baked potato for me. A little applesauce.
Dinner: Large salad and egg muffin sandwiches. banana smoothie
Snacks: yogurt, raisins, carrots
Dessert: a little peach cobbler (that's a fruit, right?) and chocolate chip cookies
My veggies: 4.25 C (carrots, lettuce, beets, peaches, raisins, applesauce)

Breakfast: cereal for most, bread and jam for some. Milk. Strawberries
Lunch: PBJ's for most. Leftover spaghetti for some. Banana PB smoothies
Dinner: Leftover Italian chicken. Broccoli. Rice.
Snacks: strawberries, peaches, bread
Dessert: cookies, peach cobbler
My veggies: 3.5 C (broccoli, strawberries, banana, peaches). Maybe I'll have a few carrots tonight to round it up.

Breakfast: cereal for some, cream of wheat for others
Lunch: PBJ's, crackers, tuna sandwiches. Peaches
Dinner: spaghetti, salad
Snacks: strawberries, peaches, blueberries.
My veggies: 4.5 C

Breakfast: cereal, bread with jam
Lunch: BLT and salad for me, PBJ's for kids. Kip had leftover pizza I think.
Dinner: Pesto meatball subs with carrot celery slaw. Home fries. Apples.
Snacks: apples with PB, peaches,
Dessert: popsicle for me, a couple cookies for Kip
My veggies: 5.5  C (tomato, lettuce, beets, peach, apple, carrots, celery)

Breakfast: cereal, breakfast cookies
Lunch: PBJ's, strawberries. I had a salad as well.
Dinner: corn, home fries, leftover pizza, deviled eggs
Snacks: so many strawberries, peaches, raisins, crackers
Dessert: cookies and a few pieces of candy.
My veggies: 5 C (lettuce, beets, strawberries, peach, corn, potatoes)

Breakfast: banana blueberry soup, pancakes for some, bread and jam for others.
Lunch: Sandwiches, French fries
Dinner: Pizza, green drink, strawberries
Snacks: strawberries
Dessert: cookies
My veggies: 4.75 C (strawberries out the shadingdang, blueberries, banana, spinach, apple juice, potatoes in the form of fries, tomato sauce)

Breakfast: blueberry soup, pancakes for some, cinn. toast for some, a slab of bread and jam for me
Lunch: PBJ's, popcorn, tomato soup and grilled cheese for Kip, quinoa salad with tomatoes for me and another slab bread
Dinner: More leftovers: spaghetti, mac and cheese, potatoes. I had salad with lettuce, beets, some leftover chicken.
Snacks: crackers, more bread for me, carrots, celery, bananas
Dessert: cookies and a few chocolates Kip got for Father's Day
My veggies: 4.5 C (lettuce, beets, banana, blueberries, spinach, celery, carrot, tomatoes)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies and 1/2 a banana for me.
Lunch: More breakfast cookies, spaghetti, PB crackers. A salad for me.
Dinner: Leftovers. We had spaghetti, mashed potatoes, corn, chicken, rice, broccoli.
Snacks: crackers, raisins, bananas, green drink for me
Dessert: cookies cookies cookies
My veggies: 4.5 C (spinach, banana, apple juice, blueberries, lettuce, beets, carrot, broccoli)

Breakfast: I had oatmeal. Some had cereal, some had cinnamon toast.
Lunch: Kids had PBJ's. I had a slab of homemade bread with pb and jam.
Dinner: Green/purple drink. Mac and cheese.
Snacks: apples, crackers,
Dessert: lemonade popsicles and some taste tests of cookies for dad tomorrow.
My veggies: 4.5 C (tomatoes, spinach, blueberries, banana, apple, raisins)

Breakfast: some had cereal, Savannah had cinnamon toast and I had oatmeal.
Lunch: I had quinoa salad. Others had sandwiches. Apples, bananas, applesauce.
Dinner: Hamburgers with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.
Snacks: Apples, bananas, applesauce, mashed potatoes
Dessert: PB balls and I had a little candy and a banana with chocolate sauce
My veggies: 5.25 C (bananas, apple, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, lettuce, raisins)

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies for some, cereal for others. I had oatmeal with raspberry sauce.
Lunch: Leftover pizza for me. Sandwiches and breakfast cookies for others. Applesauce.
Dinner: blueberry soup and waffles with raspberry sauce and, um, whipped cream--couldn't help myself
Dessert: a few chocolate kisses
Snacks: apple, bananas, breakfast cookies, cheese
My veggies: 3.75 C so far.

Breakfast: cereal. Milk. applesauce
Lunch: Sandwiches of various varieties for most. Peanut butter bananas. Applesauce. Quinoa salad and leftover pizza for me.
Dinner: It was weird because Kip was sick. We had strawberries, mashed potatoes, crackers, and a little tomato soup leftover from Kip
Dessert: a few chocolate kisses
Snacks: pretzels, cereal, bananas, strawberries
My veggies: 5 C (lettuce, spinach, strawberries, applesauce, carrot, potatoes, tomatoes)

Breakfast: chocolate breakfast cookies. Banana chocolate smoothie.
Lunch: I had a salad and quinoa chick pea salad. Kip had bologna sandwiches. Kids had various sandwiches or breakfast cookies.
Dinner: Leftovers. I had pizza.
Snacks: bread, breakfast cookies.
Dessert: donuts, ice cream
My veggies: .4.5 C (spinach, lettuce, bananas, carrots, tomato)

Breakfast: pancakes. Peach drink.
Lunch: PBJ's, I had a BLT and Kip had tuna. I also had corn and watermelon.
Dinner: Pepperoni pizza. Kip and I had salad.
Dessert: ice cream
Snacks: raspberries, bread
My veggies: 5 C (spinach, lettuce, peaches, broccoli, corn, watermelon, tomato, raspberries)

Breakfast: PB breakfast cookies, banana spinach smoothies. Raisins.
Lunch: watermelon breakfast cookies, leftover spaghetti and burritos and carrot cauliflower.
Dinner: Kids had sandwiches and raisins. Kip and I went on a date to Golden Corral and had lots of stuff.
Snacks: crackers, breakfast cookies, raspberry breakfast bars
Dessert: ice cream bars
My veggies: 4.25 or 4.5 C (strawberries, lettuce, spinach, banana, watermelon, potatoes)

Breakfast: pancakes. apple. milk
Lunch: watermelon, PBJ's, spaghetti for me; tomato soup for Kip.
Dinner: bean beef burritos with corn and olives
Snacks: watermelon, raisins, crackers with PB
Dessert: ice cream
My veggies: 4.5 C

Breakfast: pancakes with syrup. Really unripe kiwi that was barely edible.
Lunch: carrot cauliflower sandwiches. Other sandwiches for the others--I think all PB. Raspberries from my friend.
Dinner: spaghetti.
Snacks: kiwi, apple, watermelon. I had some samples of food at a church thing tonight.
Dessert: cookies
My veggies: 5 C (carrot, cauliflower, raspberries, watermelon, strawberries, spaghetti sauce, apple)

Breakfast: chocolate muffins, milk, pineapple
Lunch: sandwiches, rolls, pineapple
Dinner: mac and cheese, salad, roll/bread
Dessert: Cookies
Snacks: apple, muffins
My veggies: 4.5 C (apple, spinach, lettuce, pineapple, banana, carrot, cauliflower)

Breakfast: chocolate breakfast cookies. Milk. Also a roll for me.
Lunch: PBJ's, mac and cheese. Pineapple. Pepperoni roll for me. Meat sandwiches for Kip.
Dinner: Eggs with rolls. Banana spinach smoothies. leftovers to fill in holes.
Snacks: crackers, watermelon, cheese.
Dessert: Ice cream bars, popsicles
My veggies: 4 C (lemon juice, pineapple, banana, spinach, coconut)

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast/bread for others, peaches.
Lunch: PBJ's, crackers with PB
Dinner: leftover chicken tarragon, rice, rolls
Snacks: Raisins, bread, watermelon
Dessert: brownies
My veggies: 5.5 C (peaches, watermelon, raisins, lettuce/greens, carrots, cauliflower)

Hello, food journal. Yes, I dropped the ball there for a while.
Breakfast: cereal for some, bread pudding for others
Lunch: PBJ's, PB crackers, yogurt and strawberries for kids. Carrot cauliflower sandwich for me.
Dinner: Leftover pizza
Dessert: taffy, chocolate chips, cake for me at a baby shower
Snacks: crackers, banana, strawberries.
Veggies: Me--4.5 (strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, tomato sauce, a few olives, watermelon, carrot, cauliflower)

Breakfast: pancakes, except for Kip who had cream of wheat
Lunch: PBJ's for kids and Kip. I had a bacon salad.

Breakfast: Cinnamon pancakes. Milk.
Lunch: Sandwiches, crackers with PB for kids. Salad, chicken, rice with peas for me and Kip.
Dinner: Banana smoothie. Leftovers.
Snacks: bananas, breakfast cookies, carrots, cauliflower.
Dessert: Cookies
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C (carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, tomato, peas. banana), Mark: 3/4 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 3/4 C

Breakfast: Banana breakfast cookies. milk. Strawberries, bananas.
Lunch: Strawberries, meat sandwiches, PBJ's, PB crackers, and I had a BLT with a salad
Dinner: Tomato soup with grilled cheese. Pickles. I had onion soup. Strawberry smoothies.
Snacks: bananas, strawberries, peanuts, crackers
Dessert: choc chip cookies
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C (onion, tomato, lettuce, strawberries, banana, spinach), Mark: 2 C, Elizabeth: 1.5 C, Savannah: 1.5 C

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies. Milk. Bananas.
Lunch: peanut butter crackers, strawberries. I had a wrap with tomato, chick peas and cheese.
Dinner: We went out. My food was so terrible I could've cried, but the kids had fun.
Dessert: Chocolate chips.
Snacks: bananas, strawberries, peanuts, crackers, popcorn.
Veggies: Me: 4 C, Mark: 1/2 C, Elizabeth: 1/2 C, Savannah: 1/2 C

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast for others. Banana.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, strawberries, leftover pizza for me.
Dinner: Leftover pizza and sandwiches. Salad for me and Kip.
Snacks: carrots, bananas, peanuts, crackers with PB, apple
Dessert: cookies at cub scout event.
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C, Mark: 3/4 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 3/4 C

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast for others. Milk. Green smoothie for me.
Lunch: Sandwiches for most. Strawberries. Peanuts
Dinner: Breakfast pizza (with bacon and eggs). Salads for me and Kip.
Snacks: raisins, peanuts, bananas, popcorn
Dessert: ice cream bars
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C, Mark, 3/4 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 1 C

I don't know what it is about this month. I've been having the hardest time remembering what I ate less than 24 hours ago.
Breakfast: Breakfast cookies, milk.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, breakfast cookies, milk.
Dinner: French toast. Banana smoothie
Snacks: bananas, zucchini bread, raisins, carrots
Dessert: a few chocolate chips
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C (spinach, strawberries, banana, apple juice, raisins, carrots), Mark: 1/4 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 1/2 C

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies, milk.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, peas, crackers with PB, spaghetti with a bit of cheese, zucchini bread.
Dinner: Blueberry soup, irish soda bread, eggs, PB.
Snacks: nuts, bananas, zucchini bread, breakfast cookies, raisins.
Dessert: blueberry popsicles
Vegetables: Me--4.5 C (spinach, carrot, blueberries, tomato sauce, banana, raisins); Mark: 1 C; Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 1.5 C

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies, milk.
Lunch: PBJ's for kids. Hobo dinners (ground beef, potatoes, carrots, onions) for me and Kip
Dinner: Blueberry soup, sandwiches.
Snacks: bananas, nuts, peas from the garden
Dessert: PB cookie bars
Veggies: Me: 5 C (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, spinach, onion, carrots, potatoes); Mark: 1.5 C, Elizabeth: 1 C, Savannah: 1 C

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies, milk.
Lunch: PBJ's. I had a handful of nuts.
Dinner: Dal and naan--so good. The kids had PB on some of their naan.
Snacks: bananas--lots of them, green drink for me, peas from the garden--yeah!
Dessert: Lemonade popsicles
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C (tomatoes, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, banana, peas, apple juice); Mark: 1 C; Elizabeth: 1 C; Savannah: 1 C

Breakfast: cereal for some, toast for others. Milk. Yogurt/fruit smoothie.
Lunch: muffins at my friend's muffin party (great idea, eh?). School kids had PBJ's and applesauce and PB crackers. Kip had bologna sandwiches.
Dinner: Leftovers: Spaghetti, rice. I had spaghetti, a salad and mushrooms.
Snacks: nuts
Dessert: popsicles at our friend's house
Veggies: Me: 4.5 (spinach, mushrooms, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, banana), Mark: 1/3 C, Elizabeth: 1/3 C, Savannah: 1/2 C

Breakfast: cereal, milk
Lunch: quinoa and black bean salad for me. school kids had school lunch--pizza. Savannah had bologna (Kip probably did too). Emma had a leftover pancake with blueberry syrup and strawberries.
Dinner: Spaghetti with garlic bread
Dessert: Lemonade popsicles
Veggies: Me--4.5 C (spinach, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, tomato sauce): Mark: 3 C (1st time he's made it all month); Elizabeth: 1 C; Savannah: 1.75 C

Breakfast: Cereal for some, banana muffins for others. Milk
Lunch: PBJ's with applesauce for school kids and little girls. I had a PBJ with an apple and a carrot and part of a muffin. Don't know what Kip had.
Dinner: Pancakes with blueberry syrup, strawberries, whipped cream. Milk.
Snacks: muffins
Dessert: PB balls for kids
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C (spinach, orange, carrot, banana, strawberries); Mark: 1/2 C, Elizabeth: 1 1/2 C, Savannah: 1 C

Breakfast: Cereal for some, toast for others. Milk
Lunch: PBJ's for school kids, applesauce. Crackers with PB for little girls. Quinoa and black bean salad for me (with a little leftover ice cream for dessert). No idea for Kip.
Dinner: Kip had an extra shift, so we ate a non-conventional dinner of banana muffins and green smoothies and canned peaches. And some of the kids had pickles
Snacks: crackers, PB, orange
Dessert: PB balls (PB with choc. chips and powdered sugar)
Veggies: Me--6 C (spinach, strawberries, banana, blueberries, orange, tomato), Mark: 2 C, Elizabeth: 2 C, Savannah: 1.5 C

Breakfast: Cereal for some; toast for others
Lunch: PBJ's and applesauce for school kids and little girls. I had quinoa and black bean salad and an orange.
Dinner: BBQ pork sandwiches with canned plums (which are not so great in case you are wondering; they were on sale and I thought I'd try them out--they're a little, um, pruney, which makes sense). There wasn't enough pork for picky and unappreciative kids so they had leftovers (spaghetti, cheese, pickles, canned plums)
Snacks: crackers with PB, spinach salad, carrots, nuts
Dessert: ice cream
Veggies: Me: 4.5 (spinach, carrots, tomatoes, orange, lettuce), Mark: 1 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 1/2 C

Breakfast: cereal, milk. Toast
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce.
Dinner: pork tenderloin with potatoes and onions. I had a spinach salad
Snacks: strawberry banana smoothie, orange, bananas
Dessert: Cookies
Veggies: Me--4.75 C (carrot, spinach, strawberries, banana, orange, onion, potatoes), Mark: 1.5 C, Elizabeth: 1.5 C, Savannah: 1 C
Breakfast: zucchini muffins and breakfast cookies. Mark had a leftover pancake.
Lunch: PBJ's, more breakfast cookies, more muffins
Dinner: Kip and I were going out, so the kids got sandwiches. Yeah, again. Kip and I had hamburgers and fries.
Snacks: bananas, kiwi, orange, muffins, breakfast cookies
Dessert: animal crackers from the babysitter for the kids; Kip and I had ice cream
Veggies: Me--3.5--ouch (kiwi, orange, banana, fries). I don't honestly know with the kids--it's been a grab your own kind of day and I haven't kept track well.

Blogspot was down last night. It seems to have erased much of Wednesday's activity as well. So while I did record my food for Wednesday, I have no idea what it was anymore. And then last night blogger was down, so I'm just starting with today. How good does blogger think my memory is???
Breakfast: Pancakes, milk. I had blueberries with mine.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce for school kids. PBJ's for rest of us too. Only we had bananas with ours.
Dinner Leftovers: We had wraps, applesauce, sandwiches. I had a salad also
Snacks: a few strawberries, bananas, kiwi, PBJ's, zucchini bread.
Dessert: a few chocolate chips for kids, a piece of candy for me
Veggies: Me: 4.5 C so far. Mark: 1 3/4 C, Elizabeth: 1/2 C, Savannah: 1/4 C. We're doing pretty lousy in the kid department.

Breakfast: Most of us had cereal and milk. Savannah had applesauce. Some of us had bananas.
Lunch: PBJ's for school kids, applesauce, banana with PB. The little girls and I also had PBJ's with green smoothies and I don't know what Kip had.
Dinner: Leftover egg casserole, repurposed on English muffins. Kip and I had salads. The kids had mangoes and I stole some mango too.
Snacks: orange, bananas, crackers with PB, cereal.
Dessert: Kip and kids had ice cream. I had a piece of candy and maybe a few gummie worms at lunch time.
Veggies: Me--5 C, Mark: 3/4 C, Elizabeth: 1.5 C, Savannah: 1.5 C

Breakfast: pancakes, bananas. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's for school kids, applesauce. I had a tuna sandwich with sprouts. The little girls had yogurt and bananas. Don't know what Kip had.
Dinner: egg bacon casserole, sour dough bread. I had a salad.
Snacks: strawberries, mangoes
Veggies: Me--4.5 C (strawberries, a bit of mango, banana, spinach, lettuce, radishes, orange, sprouts); Mark--3/4 C, Elizabeth--1 1/2 C, Savannah--2 C (notice that the little person who needs less almost always gets more--I blame that on a learning curve I needed in order to feed my kids well--I should blog about that sometime.)

Breakfast: pancakes, bananas. Milk
Lunch: PBJ's for kids, leftovers from Saturday for me and Kip. I also had a salad (um, I think; I'll tell myself I did.)
Dinner: Green smoothies, PB crackers, leftovers
Dessert: Leftover cake and some candy the kids got me for mother's day.
Veggies: I don't remember. Sorry.

Breakfast: pancakes, apple.
Lunch: Kids and Kip had sandwiches--tuna, bologna, PB. I had half a banana and lots of licks of frosting.
Dinner: Kids had mac and cheese, bananas with PB. Kip and I went out for Indian food.
Snacks: bananas, crackers, licks of frosting.
Dessert: Cake and ice cream
Breakfast: pancakes, cinnamon toast.
Lunch: PBJ's for kids. Applesauce, banana with PB for school kids. I had leftover stir fry and leftover baked potato. Not sure what Kip had.
Dinner: Sandwiches (it was that kind of night). I had cheese and avocado on sourdough. The kids had, you guessed it, PBJ's.
Snacks: apples, orange, banana, pretzels
Dessert: Jelly beans, ice cream
Veggies: I've had 4 so far and might have an apple later. Mark had 1/4 C. Elizabeth had 2 C. Savannah had 1/2 C--oh dear, what's happening with her. Maybe not enough is being presented by me.
Breakfast: cereal for school kids, cinnamon toast for Savannah, bread with PB and honey for me, banana for Emma and something else too (does it alarm you that I cannot remember these details when nary a full day is passed). Green drinks for me and S.
Lunch: School kids had PBJ's, applesauce/apples with PB, and a cupcake. The rest of us had bologna sandwiches and I had a leftover twice baked potato with that.
Dinner: Mark asked if we were having Mexican food tonight (well, technically he asked if we were having Chinese food, but I knew what he meant) and even though I hadn't realized it was cinco de mayo, we were. Must have been fate. Quesidillas with guac or Ranch dressing if you're Kip. The kids also had a plate of PB quesa's although they had to have some cheese ones if they wanted dessert. Mark opted out of dessert. I also had a salad. Also my queso had mushrooms in it.
Snacks: Pretzels, bananas
Dessert: jelly beans, a few chocolates
Veggies: I had 4.5 C. Mark had his usual 1/4 C. Eliz had 1 C. Savannah had an alarmingly low 1/4-1/2 C.

Breakfast: Cereal for some, bread with PB and honey for others. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's or bologna sandwiches for most. Applesauce for some. I had my PB sandwich with bananas.
Dinner: green drinks and vegetarian stir fry (except for Kip, to whom I gave the last few pieces of pork from Sunday's dinner), rice, milk.
Dessert: candy and cupcakes
Snacks: bananas, orange, apples sometimes with PB, cheerios
Veggie intake: I had 5 C (banana, apple, orange, broccoli, carrots, spinach, strawberries, apple juice). Mark had 1/4 C. Elizabeth had close to 2 C, Savannah had 2 C.

Breakfast: Cereal for some kids, oatmeal for Kip, bread with PB and honey for me. Strawberries. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's for school kids, applesauce, cupcake. Bologna for Kip and Savannah and 1/2 for me, and something else for me, which I truly cannot remember at this time, because that was a whopping 9 hours ago and my brain does not, apparently, go that far.
Dinner: tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, saltines. Mango. Salad for me--the first of the year from my garden--wahoo.
Snacks: orange, peanuts, apple, cheerios.
Dessert: Chocolate cupcakes
Veggie intake: I had 4 and maybe 4.5 depending on what the mystery food was that I can't remember from lunch. Mark had 1 C, which is good for him. Elizabeth had 1 1/4 C, Savannah had 1 1/4 C.

Breakfast: Pancakes, applesauce, milk.
Lunch: I had a bacon salad. Kids had PBJ's, applesauce.
Dinner: We went out because it's been raining for weeks and our backyard is seriously flooded and we have to wet vac the basement a couple times a day and we're depressed. We had a bunch of food--steak, chicken, salad, pizza, mac and cheese, fruit (Golden Corral), desserts.
Snacks: Mango, orange
Dessert: mostly ice cream at Golden Corral (I had pie)
Veggies: I ate about 5 C (lettuce, spinach, mango, orange)
Mark had, oh, 1/2 C, Elizabeth had 3/4 C, and Savannah had 1.5 C

5/1/11 (The first Sunday of the month is a religious fast for the grown-ups. We don't eat till dinner.)
Breakfast: Breakfast cookies. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's, bologna sandwiches. Home fries.
Dinner: Pork, twice baked potatoes, corn.
Dessert: Cupcakes

For the month of April, I'll be recording all the foods everyone in this family eats.

Breakfast: Breakfast cookies, a few pancakes, milk.
Lunch: I went to a church thing and had chicken salad sandwiches, spinach salad, and a cookie. I'm not sure what the minions had, but I'm guessing it was PBJ's.
Dinner: Leftovers, plus home fries.
Dessert: Candy
Snacks: orange, bananas.

Breakfast: Pancakes, with syrup, milk.
Lunch: PBJ's for kids, applesauce, bananas. Kip and I got French fries as a treat for the little girls and Kip got a couple burgers for himself. I had a free chili, piece of bread, and a salad.
Dinner: Kids got mac and cheese or sanwiches. Kip and I went out to eat. We had seafood, salads and potatoes.
Snacks: orange, banana, PB banana
Desserts: You guessed it--more Easter candy.

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, breakfast cookies for the rest of us. Banana. Milk.
Lunch; Bread with a bean, tomato dip for me with pineapple, PBJ's for school kids and little girls, applesauce for school kids. Not sure what Kip ate, probably Easter candy, hmmm.
Dinner: Leftovers. We had pizza, salad, sandwiches, peaches, breakfast cookies
Snacks: banana
Dessert: Cookies at Pinewood Derby, candy

Breakfast: cereal for kids, bread with jam and PB for me, bananas
Lunch: Bacon egg salad for me with slab of homemade bread, PBJ's, applesauce, Easter candy. Little girls had PBJ's. Truly I'm not sure what Kip ate.
Dinner: pepperoni pizza. Kip and I had salads as well.
Snacks: orange, bananas, dry cereal
Dessert: Easter candy (please end soon, Easter candy), cupcakes for the kids.

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, breakfast cookies for rest of us.
Lunch: Sandwiches for school kids, applesauce, candy. Bacon egg salad for me with bread. Little girls had bread and pineapple. I had pineapple too.
Dinner: tilapia with salad and rice.
Snacks: Orange, bananas
Dessert: Candy, cookies

Breakfast: hot cross buns, pancakes. milk
Lunch: School kids had the usual--PBJ's, applesauce, and a candy. I had a salad with egg. Little girls and Kip had sandwiches (I think)
Dinner: Bacon egg salads with chips. Kids had breakfast cookies since we'd been sandbagging all afternoon.
Snacks: bananas, chips, strawberries, breakfast cookies
Dessert: candy and cookies

I'm a little behind here, so I'm going by memory a bit.
Breakfast: candy for the kids (sad, but true), hot cross bun for me. Milk
Lunch: fruit and more candy for the kids, a salad with egg for me.
Dinner: We went to a friend's house for "Jesus food," which was awesome--falafals and hummus, vegetables and fruit, with the best lemon cake I've ever had. Ever. Also, they made mac and cheese for the kids, which was super nice--nicer than I am.
Snacks: Candy
Dessert: I think we've already covered that in our meal breakdown.

Breakfast: Hot cross buns and the kids were eating candy from their school parties when I came out of my room this morning. Arg.
Lunch: more hot cross buns, a salad for me, peanut butter, a roll sandwich for Kip with chicken cold cuts
Dinner: spaghetti, green drinks, and--you guessed it--a hot cross bun for me (what problem?)
Snacks: candy and chips at the Easter egg hunt
Dessert: Pretty much the same as the snack and I had a couple cookies tonight

Breakfast: pancakes with syrup. Milk.
Lunch: Crackers with hummus for me. PBJ's, applesauce and candy for school kids, PBJ for little girls, bologna sandwich for Kip.
Dinner: Tater tot casserold (at a friend's house), green beans, rolls.
Snacks: I don't think I had any--oh, wait, we had an apple; not sure the kids snacked either--well, they probably snuck some candy (they got a bunch at their school parties). I had a salad later as well.
Dessert: Hot Cross buns

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, breakfast cookies for the rest of us. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, gummy bears for school kids, PBJ's for little girls and Kip, leftover potato salad and sweet potato fries for me
Dinner: Homemade crackers, tilapia, olives, stir-fried kale, and peanut butter for the kids to have with their crackers, grape juice
Snacks: apples sometimes with peanut butter, orange
Dessert: candy, butter cream eggs

Breakfast: Oatmeal for me and Kip, cereal for school kids, PBJ for Savannah, a combination of all for Emma. Milk
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce and a candy for school kids. PBJ for Emma and Savannah. Barley bean casserole for me, tomato soup and crackers for Kip
Dinner: Leftovers--we had home fries of the regular and orange variety, a little bit of BBQ chicken, a few homemade chicken nuggets, 1 hot dog, some macaroni, lettuce, spinach, bologna, potato salad. I had a salad with a wee bit of the chicken shredded onto it with potato salad on the side.
Dessert: Candy
Snacks: orange, PB banana drinks, ants on a log (raisins, PB, celery), raisins

Breakfast: Cereal--even I had some. It tasted good, but I was starving by 10:30. Milk
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, crackers for school kids. PBJ's for little girls. Leftover barley bean casserole for me, don't know for Kip.
Dinner: Homemade chicken nuggets, home fries, potato salad, sweet potato fries.
Snacks: oranges, oranges, oranges, peanuts, green drink
Dessert: Candy (we haven't even gotten to Easter yet; help!)

Breakfast: breakfast cookies for some, cereal for others, applesauce for Savannah.
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce, crackers for school kids, soup for me, sandwich for Kip, more breakfast cookies for little girls
Dinner: Hot dog roast with friends. We had hot dogs, BBQ chicken, potato salad, Jello salad from my friend, marshmallows.
Snacks: Oranges, breakfast cookies, crackers, salad
Dessert: Marshmallows, candy candy candy. Yikes.

Breakfast: Pancakes for some, cereal for others, milk.
Lunch: Kids had PBJ's, peaches, I had something I honestly can't remember, oh dear. Kip had 2 sandwiches
Dinner: We had barley bean casserole and home fries.
Snacks: Oranges, bananas, green drink
Dessert: Candy candy candy, cupcakes from Grandpa

Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes, milk, cereal for some
Lunch: PBJ's, I had a salad and a couple oranges. Not sure what Kip had
Dinner: Went to Pizza Hut. It was an unpleasant experience that left me never wanting to go to Pizza Hut again.
Snacks: Kids had candy from Grandpa. Yikes.
Dessert: Leftover brownies for me and Kip

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, oatmeal for the rest of us. Milk
Lunch: school kids had PBJ's, applesauce, and crackers with PB, Kip and I had leftover pizza and I had a salad, Savannah had a bologna sandwich and Emma PBJ.
Dinner: homemade mac and cheese with carrot and celery sticks.
Snacks: candy galore from Aunt Sarah and Grandpa Knight
Dessert: treats at the church party. We made brownies

Breakfast: school kids had cereal, I had oatmeal, Savannah had applesauce and oatmeal, Emma had oatmeal or at least smeared it everywhere.
Lunch: I had pesto soup and bread with PB, Kip and the little girls had PB crackers, school kids had school lunch, which was supposed to be pizza, but was PBJ's, which made me batty.
Dinner: Ranch chicken pizza and mango lassi.
Snacks: oranges
Dessert: A whole lot of candy from Aunt Sarah, ice cream at our friend's house, and a treat for date night for me and Kip.

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, chocolate muffins for the rest of us
Lunch: PBJ's, applesauce for school kids, muffins for other kids, soup for me, muffins and meat sandwich for Kip
Dinner: leftovers: reuben sandwiches, home fries, salad,  plus strawberries, crackers, bananas with PB. Kip ate at his work meeting.
Snacks: strawberries, bananas, saltines
Dessert: Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jake sent a booty load of candy, so the kids had some of that.

Breakfast: cereal for some, oatmeal (with raisins, coconut, nuts, and brown sugar--yum) for others, raisins and odds and ends for Savannah. Milk.
Lunch: school kids got PBJ's, PB crackers, grapes, 1 chocolate egg; I had leftover pasta. Savannah and Emma had a sandwich, and I think Kip had a bowl of cereal, though I'm not sure.
Dinner: sandwiches (mostly tuna though Mark had PB) with home fries (that were woefully too salty) on the side. Salad for me, grapes for some.
Snacks: saltine crackers, grapes, applesauce
Dessert: a few chocolate chips

Breakfast: cereal for school kids, chocolate muffins for the rest of us
Lunch: more muffins. I had leftover pasta and a salad. Kip had chicken sandwich. School kids had PBJ's, applesauce.
Dinner: Tomato soup and grilled cheese and/or crackers
Dessert: a few chocolate eggs for kids
Snacks: muffins, muffins, muffins, oranges, carrots.

Breakfast: some had cereal, some had oat raisin breakfast cookies, milk
Lunch: PBJ's, reuben sandwiches, more breakfast cookies
Dinner: leftovers and about 700 bananas with PB (leftovers were pasta, salad, sandwiches)
Dessert: chocolate chip ice cream (homemade)
Snacks: apple, orange, bananas
Breakfast: Cereal for some, chocolate PB muffins for others. Milk.
Lunch: PBJ's, salad for me, bologna sandwich for Kip, leftover muffins
Dinner: French toast and green smoothies
Snacks: Bananas, grapes, muffins, apples with PB (yes, we eat everything with PB), oranges, lemonade
Dessert: a few chocolates

Breakfast: School kids had cereal. The rest of us had chocolate banana breakfast cookies. Milk.
Lunch: School kids had PBJ's, applesauce, banana, Hershey's kiss. The rest of us had bagel sandwiches, grapes, veggies, and dip. (Actually, not sure what Kip had.)
Dinner: Leftover spaghetti, orange crush (free from Target; thank goodness we don't normally buy it)
Snacks: Emma had a banana. I had a chocolate muffin. Kids had bagels/bagel sandwiches.
Desserts: Kids had a few Hershey's kisses. Kip and I had PB easter eggs

Breakfast: School kids had cereal. The rest of us had chocolate banana breakfast cookies and milk
Lunch: School kids: PBJ's, apple sauce, pizza for Mark since he forgot his lunch box, bagel sandwiches for me and Savannah, meat sandwich for Kip
Dinner: spaghetti with sauce and a little hamburger
Snack: I had a salad, Mark had his leftover lunch, people ate grapes out the ding dang
Dessert: a few Hershey's kisses and PB eggs for me and Kip

Breakfast: Some had cereal. Some had chocolate oat breakfast cookies. Me and Emma shared a banana.
Lunch: Various people had: PBJ's, applesauce, breakfast cookies, peanuts, a few generic Doritos, and I had a chocolate
Dinner: grapes and Ranch Chicken Salad (lettuce, spinach, olives, cheese, Doritos, chicken, ranch dressing). I had deviled eggs too.
Dessert: a few Hershey's kisses, except me. I had a homemade chocolate.
Snack: Me: a mini bagel with PB and banana

Breakfast: The kids and Kip had cereal. I had an orange and some soda bread.
Snack: Apple
Lunch: The kids had pbj's or bologna sandwiches, applesauce. Kip had bologna sandwiches. I had deviled eggs, soda bread, 1/2 banana. We all had a leftover brownie or two.
Dinner: Leftover chicken pot pie, fried potatoes, and stir-fried kale (the kids mostly ate the potatoes and lots of pb bananas on the side)
Dessert: Kip had chocolate chips and I had a couple coconut chocolates

Breakfast: The kids and Kip had cereal. I had some grapes and some soda bread.
Lunch: I had and orange, peanuts, deviled eggs, 1/2 banana, and more soda bread. School kids had PBJ's, applesauce, PB crackers, Savannah had a bologna sandwich and 1/2 banana. Emma had bread and some orange. Kip had 2 PBJ's (and a few Hershey's kisses that I'd frozen post Valentine's Day)
Dinner: We had apples and chicken pot pies with carrots, peas, and kale. The kids were also allowed to have bread/sandwiches as long as the tried the main dish (I don't usually do that these days in my strict mommy ways, but wanted more pot pie for me and Kip).
Dessert: brownies with mint frosting
Snack: I had a couple of carrots

Breakfast: We all had pancakes with syrup and milk. I had an orange.
Lunch: We all had grapes. Kip and I had egg salad sandwiches, the kids had PBJ's or peanut butter crackers.
Snack: We had pull apart bread and some coffee cake at a friend's house.
Dinner: Our friends invited us for dinner. We had roast, potatoes, carrots, salad, cantalope, applesauce, and ice cream--not everyone ate everything, but I think I had at least a bite of it all.
Snack: Kip had 1 1/2 meat sandwiches (he'd been tending Emma at dinner and had barely gotten to eat anything at all).

Yes, I took a few days off. They were rough days. This month I won't be tallying cook times and veggies, but I will be telling you what the whole family eats. Perhaps you will see from what we ate today how wonky it's been.
Breakfast: kids had cereal; I had an orange and some leftover baklava from my date with Kip last night
Lunch: we all had cinnamon sugar pull apart bread. I had my leftover gyros from last night and a few grapes.
Dinner: more bread (we have a problem), also grapes and applesauce and I had a salad with lettuce, carrot, and sunflower seeds. Kip was at a 22 hour shift today. He had toast for breakfast and Subway during the day (usually I have some food for him, but not today--I'm telling you; it's been rough.)
Snack: grapes (me)
Other stuff: We also had lots of milk today.

For the month of March I'll be recording how many cups fruits/vegetables the kids and I eat every day. I'm supposed to be getting 4 1/2 C, the kids are supposed to be getting (from oldest to youngest) 2.5 C, 2 C, 1.5 C, and there are no guidelines for the bambino.

Also, I've just started adding notes about how long I spend per day preparing and cooking foods. I want to emphasize that to save money doesn't require me to be in the kitchen all day long. The active time means that I'm actually doing something having to do with cooking. The passive time means that I might need to be home (though not always), but that I'm not actively doing anything with cooking--time that foods are baking or rising or simmering or whatever.

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes (pancakes)
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: orange, soda bread
Lunch: bread pudding, salad
Dinner: potato soup, a couple pancakes
Snack: salad
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, M&M's
My veggies: 4.5 C (lettuce, carrot, orange, celery)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/4 C, Elizabeth: 1/4 C, Savannah: 3/4 C--nobody made it. Sigh.

Active Cook Time: 40 minutes (bread pudding, green drink, deviled eggs, soda bread)
Passive Cook Time: 65 minutes (soda bread, bread pudding, deviled eggs)
Breakfast: breakfast cookie, orange
Lunch: leftover broccoli spinach bread pudding and sweet bread pudding
Snack: green drink
Dinner: deviled eggs, soda bread, leftover potato soup, 1/2 orange
Dessert: sweet bread pudding with some celery later to justify all
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce
My veggies: 4.5 (broccoli, spinach, orange, potato, celery, green drink--spinach, strawberries, banana, apple juice)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/4 C (abysmal, I know--though I did not know how to spell 'abysmal' until just now), Elizabeth: 3/4 C; Savannah: 1.5 C--made it, just barely

Active Cook Time: 10 minutes (breakfast cookies for lunch)
Passive Cook Time: 15 minutes (breakfast cookies)
Breakfast: orange, leftover pull apart bread
Lunch: some more of that bread; somebody stop me, vegetable soup, 1 breakfast cookie
Dinner: leftovers--I had soup. Others had corn, steak (from Kip's work party), bread, mac and cheese, crackers with PB
Snack: 2 large celery sticks, 1 breakfast cookie
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce
My veggies: 4.5 C (orange, vegetables soup, potato, celery)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C; Elizabeth: 1/2 C; Savannah: 3 C (makin' up for the rest of the kids; baby, thank you)

Our church does a 2-meal fast about once a month. Thus, the meal skipping
Active Cook Time: 40 minutes (soup and bread)
Passive Cook Time: 1 hour (soup and bread)
Dinner: potato soup with sour dough
Dessert/snack: orange pull away bread
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, applesauce, bananas with peanut butter, PBJ's, mac and cheese leftovers
My veggies: 1 1/2 C (potatoes and a bit of celery)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/4 C; Elizabeth: 2 C--made it; Savannah: 2 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 5 minutes (breakfast cookies)
Passive Cook Time: 10 minutes (ditto)
Breakfast: double chocolate breakfast cookies (2), milk
Lunch: vegetable soup, broccoli spinach bread pudding
Dinner: more broccoli spinach bread pudding, green smoothie
Dessert: chocolate chip cookie
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, raisin bread
My veggies: 4.5 C (broccoli, spinach, vegetable soup, green drink--spinach, banana, strawberry, apple juice concentrate)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/4 C; Elizabeth: 1/2 C, Savannah: 1/2 C--I have noticed that when I don't do a "real" dinner, my kids don't get enough fruits/veggies.

Active Cook Time: 50 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 1 hour
Breakfast: pancakes, milk
Lunch: orange, vegetable soup
Snack: orange
Dinner: broccoli spinach bread pudding
Snack: celery
Dessert: chocolate pudding
Things others ate that I didn't: baked potatoes, peaches, applesauce
My veggies: 4.5 C (2 oranges celery, vegetable soup, broccoli, spinach)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 2.5 C--made it; halleluiah, Elizabeth: 1 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 1.5 C--made it.

Active Cook Time: 0 (thank you BYU basketball)
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: banana muffins, milk, orange
Lunch: hummus pita (at friend's house), vegetable soup with small piece sourdough
Dinner: pizza, chips, dips, grapes, vegetables (went to BYU basketball party; my first game and they had the nerve to lose)
Dessert: bit of cookie, brownie, ice cream
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's
My veggies: 4.5 C (banana, tomato, carrots, grapes, peppers, veg soup--cabbage, celery, carrots, tomatoes, onion)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C, Elizabeth: 3/4 C, Savannah: 1 1/2 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes (breakfast cookies and muffins)
Passive Cook Time: 25 minutes
Breakfast: chocolate breakfast cookie, milk
Lunch: vegetable soup, sour dough bread
Snack: 2 oranges
Dinner: Leftover night: we had pizza, corn, beans, lasagna, peaches, and applesauce. I had 2 pieces pizza, applesauce, and green beans
Snack: celery stick and 1/2 muffin
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, leftover pancakes
My veggies: 4.5 C (2 oranges, 1 1/2 C vegetable soup, applesauce, green beans, celery)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1 C--didn't make it; Elizabeth: 2 C--made it, Savannah: 1 1/4 C--didn't make it.

Active Cook Time: 1 hour (pancakes, soup, pizza)
Passive Cook Time: 45 minutes (soup, pizza cook times)
Breakfast: PBJ Breakfast bar, milk, orange
Lunch: vegetable soup
Snack: 1/2 slice sourdough bread
Dinner: 3 pieces chicken ranch pizza
Dessert: few bites cookie
Snack: more vegetable soup
Things others ate that I didn't: pancakes, PBJ's, applesauce, banana with PB
My veggies: 4.5-5 C (oranges, spinach, broccoli, vegetable soup--cabbage, celery, carrots, onion, tomatoes)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C--didn't make it; Elizabeth: 1 1/2 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 1 1/2 C--made it; probably--it's harder for me to keep track of what they're eating over spring break when they're sort of snacking more willy nilly than normal

Active Cook Time: 1 hour
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes
Breakfast: 1 PBJ bar
Lunch: salad, orange
Snack: oranges
Dinner: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy
Dessert: double chocolate chip cookies
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, peaches
My veggies: 5 C (several oranges, salad with lettuces, spinach, carrot, potatoes, green beans)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 2.5 C--made it, Elizabeth: 1 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 1 C--didn't make it.

Active Cook Time: 1 hour (pancakes, dinner and breakfast bars for next day)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (breakfast bars)
Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: chunck soda bread
Dinner: hobo dinners with ground beef, carrots, corn, potatoes
Dessert: apple crisp with a bit of cream
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, bananas with PB
My veggies: 5 C (carrots, potato, corn--is that really a vegetable; it's up for debate, apple, orange)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C; Elizabeth: 1 C; Savannah: 1.5 C--the only kid who made it today. sigh.

Active Cook Time: 5 minutes (green drink)
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: orange, small PB and jelly bar
Lunch: orange, irish soda bread, banana
Snack: apple
Dinner: Rally burger, fries, green drink
Dessert: browned butter brownie
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, applesauce
My veggies: 7 C (2 oranges, banana, apple, fries--yeah, I know, green drink--kale, spinach, peaches, banana, strawberries, apple juice concentrate)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 2 C--almost made it, Elizabeth: 1.5 C--almost made it; Savannah: 2 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 40 minutes (PBJ bars, brownies)
Passive Cook time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Breakfast: Peanut butter and jelly bar, 1/2 banana
Lunch: 1/2 head cabbage, leftover egg bake, soda bread
Dinner: large salad, bit of hot dog, bit of mac and cheese, a few slices apples
Dessert: Brownies with browned butter frosting
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, PBJ's, applesauce
My veggies: 4.5 C (banana, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, a bit of apple)
Kids' veggies: Mark: .5 C--didn't make it, Elizabeth: .5 C--didn't make it, Savannah: 1.5 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 10 minutes (cabbage, sandwiches)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (roasted cabbage)
Breakfast: 1 1/2 chocolate zucchini muffins, milk
Snack: 1 1/2 oranges
Lunch: soda bread, strawberries
Dinner: a few French fries, BLT, 1/2 head roasted cabbage
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, Rally burgers, PBJ, school lunch pizza, applesauce, lasagna
My veggies: 4.5 (oranges, strawberries, a whole lot of cabbage)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 3.5 C--that's right, people, he MADE it, he even EXCEEDED it, but do you want to know why? Because I am counting the French fries he had with dinner (bona-fide Rally's fries, not my homemade ones which I would count totally sans guilt). (For the record, he would have made it without them--he had applesauce, strawberries, and a banana, but he is still such an average American boy in the vegetable department); Elizabeth: 2 C--made it; Savannah: 2 C--made it.

Active Cook Time: 1 hour
Passive Cook Time: 0 (The bread was passive for a while, but in that time I was preparing dinner)
Breakfast: 1 chocolate zucchini muffin
Lunch: 2 oranges, 1 muffin
Dinner: 2 or 3 pieces irish soda bread, big chunk of potato omlet, large salad
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, cereal
My veggies: 4.5 C (oranges, a few raisins, spinach, lettuce)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C--I'm maybe even being generous here; Elizabeth: 1/2 C--ditto: Savannah: 1 C--even she didn't make it.

Active Cook Time: 55 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 45 minutes
Breakfast: 2 oatmeal pancakes
Lunch: leftover lasagna, orange
Dinner: eggs with cheese, zucchini muffin, large salad
Snack: carrot
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, peanut butter balls,
My veggies: 4 1/2 --I'm gonna give it to myself (grapes, 1 orange, some tomato sauce, a lot of lettuce, spinach, large carrot, a few raisins)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/2 C; Elizabeth: 3/4 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 1- 1 1/2 C-maybe made it.

Active Cook Time: 10 minutes (breakfast cookies)
Passive Cook Time: 10 minutes
Breakfast: 2 breakfast cookies, orange, milk
Lunch: Vegetarian fajita, grapes
Snack: orange
Dinner: Leftovers--I had lasagna
Snack: spinach salad
Dessert: 1/2 C ice cream
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, cookies, hershey's kisses, yogurt
My veggies: 5 C (2 1/2 oranges, some grapes, 1 bell pepper, 1 onion, spinach, a bit of tomato sauce, a part of a carrot)
Kid's veggies: Mark 1 1/2 C; Elizabeth: 2 C--made it; Savannah: 2.5 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (lasagna, green drinks)
Passive Cook Time: 40 minutes (lasagna)
Breakfast: 2 breakfast cookies, milk, orange
Lunch/Dinner: Lasagna, salad, orange (I think)
Dessert: 1 1/2 large cookies
Supper: green drink
snack: carrot
Things others ate that I didn't: Sandwiches
My veggies: 4.5 C (carrot, romaine, spinach, oranges, pasta sauce, green drink with kale, strawberries, banana, peaches, apple juice)
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1/2 C; Elizabeth: 1/2 C, Savannah: 1/2 C

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes (pancakes, green drink, breakfast cookies)
Passive Cook Time: 10 minutes
Breakfast: 2 pancakes, milk, most of a banana
Lunch: leftover beef bean burritos, orange
Snack: kale green drink
Dinner: pizza (our friend brought some over; they wanted to see the ducklings!)
Dessert: 1 hershey's kiss
Snack: carrot
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, cereal
My veggies: 4 1/2 C (banana, orange, kale, peaches, apple juice concentrate, carrot, a teeny bit of tomato on pizza)
Kids' veggies: Mark: 1/4 C---aaahhhh, Elizabeth: 1/2 C---double aaahhhh; Savannah: 1/2 C--even my best eater didn't make it. That's totally going to blow any averages they had. It must be time to start sneaking some stuff into their foods.

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: fruit salad (grapes, banana, orange) with a little cottage cheese, milk
Lunch: 2 rolls with PB and honey, 1/2 cookie
Dinner: Beef Bean burrito with salad
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, mean sandwiches, cereal
My veggies: 4--not quite (grapes, banana, orange, carrot, romaine, spinach)
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1 C--didn't make it; Elizabeth: 1.5 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 2 C--made it, bless her

Active Cook Time:  forever or 1 hour 20 minutes (made rolls, which I messed up, muffins, and a cake for a church party)
Passive Cook Time: nearly an hour
Breakfast: 2 carrot muffins, milk, grapes
Lunch: hummus with crackers, an orange
Snack: orange, 1/2 banana with a bit of PB
Dinner: (at church party) tacos, spanish rice, refried beans
Dessert: cake (oooh, so good; I will have to get the recipe of the one I had and share it; ate too much)
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, cereal (no idea what Kip ate again today)
My veggies: 4-ish, maybe a bit more. Didn't quite make it.
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1 3/4--improving; Elizabeth: 2 or 2 1/2--made it; Savannah: 2--made it

Active Cook Time: 20 minutes (hummus and French toast)
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: 2 pieces applesauce cake, milk, half a banana
Lunch: last sliver leftover spinach pie, a big ol' pile of hummus with crackers, orange, a few grapes, a few strawberries
Dinner: 3 pieces French toast, milk
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, PBJ's, applesauce (no idea what Kip ate today)
My veggies: 4 1/4-ish C almost made it; I might even give it to myself
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1/2 C--didn't make it; Elizabeth: 1 1/4 C--didn't make it; Savannah: 1.5 C--made it.

Active Cook Time: 10 minutes (applesauce cake)
Passive Cook Time: 20 minutes (applesauce cake)
Breakfast: homemade granola, milk
Lunch: leftover spinach pie, grapes, applesauce cake
Dinner: Leftovers. I had BBQ pork on a roll with a salad and some hashbrowns.
Snack: juice with orange and carrot
Dessert: healthy applesauce cake, few bites banana
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, green beans, mac and cheese, PBJ's, applesauce
My veggies: 5 C (raisins, grapes, spinach, romaine, raw spinach, orange, carrot, banana, romaine)
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1.5 C--almost sort of made it; Elizabeth: 2.5 C--made it, Savannah: 2.5 C--made it

Active Cook Time: Seemed like forever today; always does when I mess things up--65 minutes (BBQ sauce, brownies)
Passive Cook Time: 40 minutes (brownies, rolls)
Breakfast: homemade granola, milk
Lunch: leftover spinach quiche, brownie
Dinner: BBQ pork, rolls, salad
Dessert: PB cheesecake brownies
Snack: carrot, orange
Things others ate that I didn't: cereal, applesauce, PBJ's, bananas, rice krispie treats, meat sandwiches
My veggies: 4.5--made it, but had to add some stuff at the end of the day to do so.
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1 C--didn't make it (maybe he never will, but this is better than usual for him), Elizabeth: 2 C--made it, Savannah: 2 C--made it. (P.S. There's some definite estimating going on here. I often know they've eaten something, but not really how much. For example, they all had grapes after school, but I wasn't in there with them and therefore don't know how many they actually ate. So I guess. )

Active Cook Time: 15
Passive Cook Time: 25 (brownies)
Dinner (at a friend's house): chicken tacos, beans, cornbread, a few blueberries, a few nuts
Dessert: Cheesecake brownies with ice cream
Snack: orange and, er, another brownie
Things others ate that I didn't: Pancakes, strawberries, PBJ's
My veggies: 2 C--didn't make it
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1/2 C--didn't make it; Elizabeth: 1 1/2-2 C--maybe made it, Savannah: 1 1/2 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 15 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 15 minutes
Breakfast: 2 PB breakfast cookies, milk, green drink
Lunch: a little popcorn, leftover spinach quiche, leftover homemade potato chips
Snack: 1 1/2 oranges
Dinner: Tomato soup, a few crackers
Dessert: Kip and I had ice cream on a date
My veggies: 4.5-5 C (potatoes, oranges, spinach, a bit of sweet potato, green drink--spinach, strawberries, banana, peaches, apple juice)
Kid's veggies: Mark: 1 1/2C--not yet, Elizabeth: 2 C--got it, Savannah: 2 C--got it

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (homemade potato chips, hashbrowns, pancakes)
Passive Cook time: 0
Breakfast: 2 carrot muffins, milk
Lunch: Went out to Chinese buffet. I pretty much had a little bit of everything
Dinner: Very large salad (to counteract the Chinese buffet) and a few homemade potato chips because I couldn't resist.
Things others ate that I didn't: applesauce, PBJ's, pancakes, hashbrowns
My veggies: 4.5 C (carrots, green beans, spinach, romaine, potatoes)
Kid's veggies: Mark--3/4 C--didn't make it, Elizabeth: 2 C--made it, Savannah: 1.5 C--made it

Active Cook Time: 35 minutes (granola, muffins, quiche)
Passive Cook Time: 50 minutes
Breakfast: granola with milk, grapes
Lunch: 3 healthy carrot muffins
Dinner: Spinach Quiche
Snack: Carrot, canned peaches
Things others ate that I didn't: PBJ's, pizza, cereal, meat sandwiches
My veggies: 3 1/2 to 4-ish--didn't make it
Kid's veggies: Mark (I give up)--3/4 C--didn't make it, Elizabeth--1 1/2 C--almost, but not quite, Savannah: 2 C--she's the big winner today since she was the only one who made it today.

Active Cook Time: 20
Passive Cook Time: 20
Breakfast: pancake with PB and J
Lunch: vegetarian fajita fillings and bratwurst, graham cracker with frosting between
Snack: orange
Dinner: Rice and green eggs (scrambled eggs with pureed spinach)
Snack: oatmeal, a small spoonful of frosting
Things others ate that I didn't: Cereal, PBJ's
My vegetables: 4.5 C (1 onion, 1 yellow pepper, 1 orange, 1 1/2 C spinach, a few raisins, a few grapes)
Kid's vegetables: (scary) Mark: 1/4 C--didn't make it, Elizabeth: 1/2 C--didn't make it, Savannah: 1 C--didn't make it. Wow--without those green smoothies, we don't do so well.

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (alredo, smoothie, fajita)
Passive Cook Time: none
Breakfast: whole wheat bread pudding, milk
Snack: apple
Lunch: vegetarian fajita. I may or may not have also had a blob of frosting on a spoon.
Dinner: Broccoli alfredo
Dessert: graham cracker with chocolate frosting
Snack: green smoothie
Things others ate that I didn't: pancakes, PBJ's, applesauce, marinara sauce
My veggie consumption: 6 C (1 apple, 1 onion, 1 red bell pepper, 2 1/2 C fruits/veggies for green smoothie, 1/2 C broccoli, a few raisins, a few grapes)
Kids Veggies Consumption: Mark: 3/4 C--didn't make it, but I can't force, bribe or cajole that one. Elizabeth: 2 C--made it, Savannah: 2.5--made it plus some. And, no, we don't always do this well. I went shopping today so there was plenty of food around and we had green smoothies.

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes
Breakfast: breakfast cookie, milk
Snack: apple
Lunch: PBJ with milk
Snack: orange
Dinner: Chicken broccoli rice casserole, PB banana smoothie (with spinach)
Snack: orange, bread pudding
Things others ate, but I didn't: pancake, meat sandwiches

Active Cook Time: 20 minutes (breakfast and rice prep)
Passive Cook Time: 20 minutes (rice)
Breakfast: 1 1/2 breakfast cookies, milk, apple
Lunch/Dinner: Leftover chicken with lemon pesto rice and green beans, spinach salad
Dinner: PB banana smoothie, large slice bread with butter
Things others ate, but I didn't: pancakes

Active Cook Time: 15 minutes (pancakes)
Breakfast: orange, pancakes
Lunch: 1/2 PBJ, large salad, a bite of cake
Dinner: a lot of chili since our church had a chili cook off. Also, some chips and a bit of dessert.
Things others ate that I didn't: tuna sandwich, breakfast cookies

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes (cookies, cake)
Passive Cook Time: 55 minutes (15 for 2 batches cookies, 40 for cake)
Breakfast: 2 breakfast cookies, apple, milk
Lunch: PBJ, orange
Snack: orange
Dinner: (at Boy Scout banquet) BBQ pork, fruit salad, carrots, a few chips, potato salad
Snack: Carrot and, um, maybe one more piece of cake since I was trying to get a frosting picture and all
Things others ate, but I didn't: applesauce, cereal, chicken leftovers

Active Cook Time: 5 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: cream of wheat, milk, sugar
Lunch: 2 PBJ on homemade wheat, orange, peanuts, cookie, grapes
Dinner: leftovers--we had hot dogs, brats, chicken, vegetables, and mac and cheese. I had a brat, a large salad, and roasted vegetables.
Snack: apple, peanuts, orange
Things others ate, but I didn't: cereal, applesauce

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (pancakes, roast chicken/vegetables)
Passive cook time: 1 1/2 hours (chicken roasting)
Breakfast: 2 pancakes with PB and jam (yes, I'm weird), milk
Lunch: barley bean soup, bread with PB/jam, grapes, cookie
Dinner: roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, and onion, large salad
Snack/dessert: orange, carrot, 1/2 cookie
Things others ate, but I didn't: applesauce, bananas, wheaties
Active Cook Time: 15 minutes for pancakes, although Kip made some cookies tonight so that's about 10 minutes for him.
Passive Cook Time: 20 minutes for Kip cooking his cookies
Breakfast: 2 pancakes with butter, jam, and PB
Lunch: Kip, Savannah and I went to Rally's. Got a hamburger and fries. Came home and had large salad as well.
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Leftovers--we had skillet lasagna, barley bean soup, bread, sandwiches, apples. I had soup, bread and butter.
Things others ate, but I didn't: PBJ's, apple sauce, bananas
Snack: orange, carrot

Active Cook Time: 15 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (breakfast cookies cooking, pasta cooking)
Breakfast: 2 breakfast cookies
Lunch: orange, barley bean soup, bread and butter
Dinner: Stovetop lasagna, salad
Snack: orange
Active cook time: 10 minutes to assemble salad
Breakfast: cream of wheat
Lunch: barley bean soup
Dinner: Ranch Chicken Salad
Dessert: cake and ice cream


Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (muffins, soups, hot dogs)
Breakfast: 2 muffins, orange
Lunch: fajita, snitches of bagel chips, peanuts, and maybe some other stuff, grapes, orange cake
Dinner: hot dogs and brats over fire pit, sauerkraut, carrot, bit of avocado, salad, chips
Dessert: maybe some cake if I have any room

Active cook time: 10 minutes (cream of wheat, frosting for orange cake)
Breakfast: cream of wheat with raisins, milk, brown sugar
Lunch: orange, 2 pieces of homemade bread with PB
Snack: grapes, peanuts
Dinner: (dinner party at friends' house) meat, potatoes, broccoli salad, fruit, orange cake
Things others ate that I didn't: sanwiches, cereal, spaghetti

Active Cook Time: 55 minutes (waffles, BLT, orange cake)
Passive Cook Time: 25 minutes (cake)
Breakfast: Brown rice pudding with raisins
Snack: orange
Lunch: BLT
Dinner: waffles with blueberry jam, PB
Snack: Juice with oranges, carrots, and--um--I licked a lot of batter while making an orange cake for a party tomorrow.
Things others ate, but I didn't: cereal, PBJ's, pizza at school, leftover cake, pear

Active Cook Time: 10 mintes (BLT)
Breakfast: Brown rice pudding with raisins
Lunch: BLT with avocado mayo, pear
Dinner: Golden Corral. I had, well, I had too much, but this is what I had: large green salad, crab salad (I know it's so awful for you and that the crab's not even real and all, but it's a big point of embarrassment, because I love that stuff), a bit of steak, a bit of chicken, a bit of mashed potatoes, popcorn shrimp, a roll, a bit of ice cream, a bit of pie, a bit of cake. Yes, those bits all add up; I know, I know.

Active Cook Time: 20 minutes (pancakes, sandwich assembly)
Breakfast: Pancakes, PB banana smoothie
Lunch: whole wheat bread with PB, grapes, cake, a couple chocolates--aaaahh, help V-Day leftovers
Dinner: large salad, avocado cheese sandwich
Dessert: A little more cake (yikes), orange
Things others ate, but I didn't: applesauce, meat sandwiches

Active Cook Time: Forever, okay 1 hour making a sort of elaborate cake--most of the time with a baby in my arm, which took a bit of the pleasure away (sorry, Emma, but it did) and made it go slower and seem longer
Passive Cook Time: 20 minutes (cake baking)
Breakfast: Pancake with PB and syrup, milk
Lunch: Went out and I had salad, sandwich, and chips
Dinner: Leftovers. We kind of ran out of leftovers so I had bread with PB and an orange.
Dessert: Chocolate cake with pink mousse filling and chocolate sour cream frosting. Yum.
Things others ate that I didn't: Candy candy candy, PBJ's.

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (pancakes, bread dough, pizza assembly, juice making)
Passive Cook Time: 1 hour (bread cooking, pizza cooking)
Breakfast: banana bread
Lunch/Dinner: heart-shaped pepperoni Pizza
Dessert: 1 1/2 chocolate chip cookies
Dinner/Snack: Bread with butter, juice with 2 oranges and 2 carrots
Things people ate that I didn't: pancakes, mac and cheese, PBJ's, PB and banana smoothie

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 45 minutes (bread cooking)
Rise Time: 1 hour
Breakfast: cream of wheat with raisins, brown sugar, and milk
Lunch: leftover chili with cornbread, slice bread with butter
Snack: Orange
Dinner: kale with bread and butter
Dessert: Banana bread
Stuff others ate, but I didn't: cereal, PBJ's, PB banana smoothie, dinner at friends' house

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes
Breakfast: Bread with butter, milk
Lunch: pesto pasta with home-dried sun-dried tomatoes, 2 breakfast cookies
Dinner: Chili with cornbread
Snack: 2 oranges, chocolate
Still not feeling great; maybe even a bit worse. Fine until I eat; when I eat I feel yucky. Got much better tonight.
Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (pancakes, muffins--darn kids want to eat and cereal gone and husband unavailable)
Passive cook time: 20 minutes (soup, muffins)
Breakfast: 1/2 muffin plus random bites throughout morning
Lunch: a few more bites muffin plus some lemonade
Dinner (You can see that this is where I started feeling a bit better): Chicken soup (from a can, which is so gross until you're feeling kind of ick and then all that salt is sort of awesome. Anyway...), biscuit, muffin, milk
Snack: mint tea, orange, bite rice pudding

Not feeling great today. Ate a lot of simple grain-like things
Active Cook Time: 25 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: a pancake
Lunch: leftover cornbread and lemonade
Dinner: Toast with butter and one with PB, orange
Snack: Rice pudding
Things others ate, but I didn't: applesauce, tomato soup
A bit of a tough evening. No one feeling well, except me, and I'm grumpy. Mark didn't get dessert because he wouldn't eat--not broccoli or brussel sprouts or spinach or parsnips--but a homemade orange juice. It ended up being a bit of an issue. Oh, the painfulness.
Active Cook Time: 15 minutes (sauteed kale, batter for cornbread)
Passive Cook Time: 45 minutes (pasta cooking, cornbread cooking and then re-cooking because it wasn't done in middle but I didn't check till it was lukewarm)
Breakfast: oatmeal, raisins, milk, orange
Lunch: pasta with pesto, 2 pieces bread with butter
Dinner: Cornbread and juice with orange and carrot
Snack: Sauteed kale (an experiment because felt I needed some nutrition and so shockingly good I made another batch) with beets and honey mustard dressing
Dessert: 1 chocolate
Things others ate and I didn't: PBJ's, applesauce, mac and cheese with tuna (super gross, I know--talk to the husband), chocolate chips
Active Cook Time: 5 minutes (smoothie)
Passive Cook Time:
Breakfast: oatmeal, milk
Lunch: lentil curry, slice bread and butter, cookie
Snack: green drink (kale, strawberries, peaches, apple juice, banana)
Dinner: Leftovers--we had reuben dip, pasta, tomato soup and bread. I had reuben dip and bread
Snack: apple, 1 chocolate, mint tea
Things others ate, but I didn't: PBJ's, cereal, applesauce, 1 yogurt

Home from church with sick kids so had a little more time than usual to cook.
Active Cook Time: 40 minutes (made and knead bread, make cookie dough, prepare dip)
Passive Cook Time: 55 minutes (30 for bread, 10 for cookies, 15 for dip) plus 1 1/2 hours rise time
Breakfast: bread, milk, raisins
Snack: Green smoothie with kale, strawberries, peaches, banana, and apple juice
Lunch/Dinner: reuben dip with homemade white bread
Dessert: chocolate chip cookies
Snack/supper: juice with orange and carrot

Active Cook Time: 15 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: granola, milk
Lunch: lentil curry, salad with romaine and beets, 1 chocolate
snack: orange
Dinner: PB banana smoothies and Leftovers--we had a baked potato, pasta, rice, macaroni, and a pig in a blanket, plus extra croissants. I had pasta with homemade pesto and a croissant.
Things other people ate, but I didn't: Cereal, PBJ's, chicken sandwich, hot cocoa.

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (homemade potato chips, pigs in a blanket, breakfast cookies)
Passive Cook Time: 10 minutes (cookies)
Breakfast: 2 1/2 breakfast cookies
Lunch: Lentil curry, rice, a chocolate
Dinner: Homemade potato chips (yeah, it sounds a little looney, but was actually the result of a mess up--as I believe the original potato chips were--hmm, I'll have to ponder on that), pigs in a blanket
Dessert: chocolates
Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (lentil curry, juice, hashbrowns, egg)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (curry and rice cooking)
Breakfast: Granola, milk
Lunch: Apple, hashbrowns, egg, slice bread, apple crisp
Snack: Juice with orange and carrot
Dinner: Lentil curry with brown rice
Dessert: hot chocolate and a small chocolate

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 35 minutes (10 minutes for chicken, 25 minutes for bread (dough was in freezer from last time made bread)
Breakfast: breakfast cookie, granola, milk
Snack: 1 1/2 oranges
Lunch: salad with romaine and beets, granola, milk
Dinner: mustard chicken with baked potatoes and corn
Dessert: homemade chocolate ice cream
Stuff other people ate, but I didn't: sandwiches, cereal
Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (mixing cookies, mixing granola, making eggs in basket)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (baking cookies, baking granola)
Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: salad, breakfast cookie, granola
Dinner: Eggs in a basket, oranges
Things people ate that I didn't: sandwiches, cereal

Active Cook Time: 20 (pancakes and spaghetti)
Passive Cook Time: 10 (spaghetti and sauce cooking)
Breakfast: pancakes with apple
Lunch: Leftover breadsticks, salad
Dinner: spaghetti
Snack: orange, 1 chocolate
Sick kids.
Active Cook Time: 50 minutes (pancakes, pudding, breadsticks)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (breadsticks baking. They also had to rise, which took 45 minutes to an hour, but they didn't need my attention or even my presence.)
Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch/Dinner: breadsticks with tomato sauce, salad, apple
Snack: Salad
Dessert: pudding

A few days ago, my sister asked me if we were going to go out of the first month of the cheap eat challenge with a bang. Oh, yeah, we're going to go out with a bang--my daughter started puking today. Which besides being awful and sad, necessitated an impulse trip to the store for some Gatorade (my kids like it when they're sick) and a few other things that might make a sick girl happy (like a few apples and bananas)--neither of which were eaten by her because she's not eating anything. Instead her little sister got to them. Which at this point seems a good thing because I want them getting as much nutrition as possible right now. And me too, which leads to this confession. I also bought a bag of lettuce. I wanted some so badly and it was on sale. I don't regret it either. Tonight my salad tasted really good. Ah, greens.
Active cook time: 35 minutes (made pancakes, sandwiches, mixed up mac and cheese from a box, some pudding for me)
Passive cook time: 7 minutes (macaroni boiling)
Breakfast: pancakes--I had one with PB, milk
Lunch: 2 sausage cheese biscuits, apple cobbler made from the leftover apple my daughter left
Snack: Juice made with the last 2 oranges, half carrot, and a bit of spinach
Dinner: I had salad and a roll with some PB. The kids had mac and cheese and them sandwiches since they were still hungry. It was a wacky tiring day.
Things other people ate, but I didn't: French toast, PB balls

Today was my most cooking-est day of the year. I'm kind of tired from it. And I didn't have a home run on everything either. Oh well.

Active Cook Time: All freaking day. I mean, 2 hours-ish--it sure felt longer (baked a cake with pain in the patooty frosting, make pancakes, made chocolate sauce, made dinner)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (cake baking)
Breakfast: Cinnamon swirl bread, orange, some raisins
Lunch: 2 egg biscuits with cheese, 1 1/2 oranges
Dinner: Nutrified mac and cheese
Friend's birthday party (halleluiah): vegetables (I love you), bean dip, amazing cranberry dip, coconut cake, orange cake, and ice cream--you heard me--and I don't regret it either. In fact, on the way home I was wishing I had more of the orange cake.

Active Cook Time: 1 hour (mixing and kneading dough, making dinner)
Passive Cook Time: 2 1/2 hours (dough rising and bread baking)
Breakfast: muffin, orange
Lunch: fat slab cinnamon swirl bread with butter, orange
Dinner: Sausage egg biscuits, orange slices
Snack: spinach salad with carrots, orange, chocolate with coconut oil
Things others ate and I didn't: sandwiches, cereal

-Mark ate a plate of spaghetti and 4 sandwiches tonight for dinner. It's like he knows I'm trying to pinch and save this week and his growing body is determined to thwart me in my efforts. Those darn kids.
-I felt super tired and draggy today. Made some sweet potatoes in the hope that all the Vitamin A will perk me up.
Active Cook Time: 5 minutes (mixed muffins)
Passive Cook Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes (baked potatoes, baked muffins)
Breakfast: breakfast cookie, orange
Lunch: sourdough bread with PB, oatmeal, orange, mint
Snack: PB banana smoothie with a bit of spinach
Dinner: Leftovers supplemented with sandwiches, yogurt, and sweet potatoes--We had spaghetti, canned peaches, oatmeal. I ate 2 sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar and a few slices of peaches.
Dessert: Muffins from a mix from Kip's Dad.

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (30 minutes for dinner; 10 minutes for breakfast cookies, 5 minutes for smoothie)
Passive Cook Time: 10 minutes (cookies baking)
Breakfast: Homemade sour dough with PB, milk
Lunch: large green smoothie with spinach, banana, peaches, a bit of apple juice concentrate
Snack: 2 Coconut almond breakfast cookies, milk
Dinner: Eggs and hashbrowns
Dessert: 1 1/2 cookies (treat after cub scouts)
Stuff others ate, but I didn't: cereal, oatmeal, hot chocolate, leftover pizza, cheese

Active Cook Time: 50 minutes (made sour dough bread, cooked grilled cheese, prepared pizza)
Passive Cook Time: 1 hour (baked sour dough, baked pizza)
Breakfast: Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies
Lunch: Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Snack: PB banana smoothie
Dinner: Ranch chicken pizza
Dessert: A bite of brownie
Snack: Homemade sourdough and a carrot and maybe a spinach salad if I get to making one or an orange.
Things others have eaten that I haven't: a pancake, PBJ's

Active Cook Time: 25 minutes (mixing breakfast cookies, making pancakes)
Passive Cook Time: 30 minutes (10 minutes for pasta, 20 minutes for breakfast cookies)
Breakfast: Pancakes, milk
Lunch (Dinner-ish): spaghetti with marinara and cheese, irish soda bread
Snack: Orange
Dinner: PB banana smoothie, spinach salad with spinach and carrot, irish soda bread
Dessert: 2 chocolates, 1 oreo (compliments of the object from our home teaching object lesson--thanks, Drew)
Things other people ate that I didn't: PBJ's

Active cook time: 10 minutes (making sandwiches and spaghetti)
Passive cook time: 5 minutes (spaghetti cooking)
Breakfast: irish soda bread
Lunch: creamy bean soup, irish soda bread, orange, hot chocolate, brownie
Snack: Juice made from 1 orange, 1 carrot, 1 C spinach
Dinner: (out with Kip's co-workers): BBQ chicken salad
Dessert: 1 chocolate
Things other people have eaten, but I didn't: PBJ's, spaghetti with cheese (kids' dinner), cereal

Active Cook Time: 45 minutes (making muffin batter and fried rice)
Passive Cook Time: 50 minutes (cook time for brownies, rice, and muffins)
Breakfast: chocolate oat muffins
Lunch: Leftover soup and Irish soda bread, orange
Snack: juice made from orange and carrot
Dinner: Fried rice with broccoli, carrots, and chicken, soda bread with butter
Dessert: Brownies (from the mix Bec gave us for Christmas--thanks, Bec!)
Other things that were eaten that I know of: PBJ's, cereal

Active Cook Time: 40 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 0
Breakfast: pancakes, milk
Lunch: Creamy bean soup, Irish soda bread with butter, orange
Snack: Juice with 2 oranges and 1/2 carrot
Dinner: Leftover night: We had tomatoe soup, rice, tilapia, home fries, fish stew, bread, and 1 carrot stick. I had fish stew with Irish soda bread.
Dessert: A bit of ice cream/milk
Things I know other people ate: boxed mac and cheese, tuna

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes
Passive Cook Time: 40 minutes (Irish soda bread baked 40 minutes)
Breakfast: mini bagel with butter and peanut butter
Snack: Juice with 2 oranges and 1/2 carrot
Lunch: Creamy bean soup with toast and butter
Snack: orange and huge slab of Irish soda bread
Dinner: Browned butter tilapia with lemon dill sauce, home fries, and carrot sticks
Dessert: Homemade ice cream/ice milk
Other foods that were eaten that I know of: tomato soup, apple sauce, PBJ's, peanut butter balls, cereal, oatmeal

As stated in my post, we got a couple pounds of free tilapia from one of Kip's co-workers who couldn't use it. I'm so excited because we love tilapia and I don't think we otherwise could have fit it into our cheap eat budget.

Active cook time: 15 minutes (p.s. I also make my kids' lunches--sandwiches usually--each day, which takes about 5 minutes. If it's more than that, I'll make a note, but otherwise, this is all I'm going to say about it. It'd take me just that long to find some cash so they could buy their lunches, or, well, close.)
Passive cook time: 15 minutes (for rice)
Breakfast: Oatmeal and the fixings, milk
Lunch: Couple bites bagel, creamy bean soup, some crackers
Snack: Orange
Dinner: Tilapia with ginger soy glaze, spinach salad, and brown rice
Dessert: homemade vanilla pudding and a few dark chocolate chips
Things I noticed other people eat that I didn't: cereal, graham crackers with leftover frosting, bananas with PB, applesauce, PBJ's, peanut butter balls (PB, chocolate chips, powdered sugar combined and rolled into balls--my kids LOVE these)


Today we got milk from CVS because not time to go shopping. Cost an extra .80 and that hurt. But then I realized it wa because I took a really long nap this afternoon instead of going to the store. Would I have paid .80 for a really long nap? Yes, I would and, yes, I did.

Active Cook time: 10 minutes (mixing brownies together and microwaving leftovers)
Inactive cook time: 30 minutes (brownies cooking)
Breakfast: Steal cut oats with fixings, milk, 1/2 grapefruit
Lunch: At friend's house--celery with PB, oranges, mac and cheese, ham, cheese cake and brownies (I contributed the brownies.)
Dinner: Leftovers--we had chicken, potatoes, home fries, tomato soup, peaches, milk. I had chicken and home fries.
Dessert: wacky cake
Snack: very green drink

Breakfast: Steel cut oats and fixings, milk
Snack: orange
Lunch (Dinner-ish): Roast chicken (so good), twice baked potatoes, broccoli
Dessert: Wacky cake
Dinner: Spinach salad, 1/2 grapefruit
2nd dessert: a little more wacky cake, milk
There is definitely going to have to be a learning curve with this. And possibly some changes or modifications. Kip was starving today. I felt bad. It wasn't all my fault. Partly, it's just that if Kip doesn't see something that looks good and easy, he doesn't eat. So he skipped breakfast and just had a bowl of cereal for lunch. And then played racquetball. But partly it is my fault. In a lot of ways, I've failed to take the more manly needs into account in my planning--and by manly needs I mean both the actual needs like more meat or at least heartier food, as well as the other needs, like that Kip just really loves and is a bit addicted to chocolate and also that he just needs many more calories than I do. When I went into this I was concerned about our nutritional needs being met--namely whether or not we would get enough produce--enough vitamins and minerals in that way. I prepared for that and we've done fairly well. But I didn't prepare to have enough food for Kip or enough protein sources for Kip. So tomorrow we'll have a chicken. And a wacky cake too. I don't think it will break the bank. But even if it did, the man's got to eat.

If this goes on into February, I'm going to need to modify my meal plans a bit so that we start with something hearty and meaty and then I plan several meals following that using the leftover meat in different ways so there's still meat and a heartiness about everything--meals that sort of matrushka doll into each other--starting with a big one and as the meat decreases work into different meals. For example, start with a roast chicken, and then have chicken burritoes with the leftovers and then fried rice or a pizza with the leftovers from that and then maybe a soup at the end with the stock. Something like that. I'm not in the habit of planning that well or that carefully and if we're going to do this, I'm going to need to be. I'm also going to need to have some inexpensive, tasty snacking or quick foods on hand, like a store of breakfast cookies and even some regular cookies on occasion.

Active food preparation: 30 minutes
Passive food preparation: 10-15 minutes. Also, I had to think 6 hours ahead to get the beans in the crock pot, but after that they didn't need me to be there for them at all.
Breakfast: oatmeal and fixings, milk
Lunch: Small PBJ, small grilled cheese sandwich, leftover home fries, milk
Dinner: Creamy bean soup, bread and butter, a few slices of orange
Snack: orange, spinach salad
Dessert: hot chocolate and 1 coconut chocolate

This afternoon Kip asked if we'd be having any meat with dinner today. We had some chicken nuggets we inherited from some friends when they moves so we used those. Coupled with some home fries, it made for an all-American meal. Don't worry, most of my kids still wouldn't eat all of it.
Active cook time: 40 minutes (chopping, juicing)
Breakfast: Oatmeal with the fixin's, milk
Lunch: 2 PBJ's on homemade bread, milk, hot chocolate
Snack: orange
Dinner: chicken nuggets, home fries, juice made from an orange, 1 C spinach, and a bit of carrot
Snack: more home fries, hot chocolate

Active Cook Time: None
Passive Cook Time: 5 minutes (microwaved potato)
Breakfast: 1 1/2 breakfast cookies, milk
Lunch: bread with PB, baked potato with butter, orange
Snack: Orange, bit of a cookie, saltine
Dinner: Soup (We had an activity at my church where we made stone soup; we each brought in an add-in and mixed it all up. It was good. There was also a demonstration on potato soup so we had that too and corn bread to boot. It was so delicious. I'm glad I didn't turn around and head straight home when we pulled into the parking lot only to discover that the baby who'd been fussy all day was finally asleep.) Kip had dinner at work using his "Bagley Bucks." Raise your hand if you think 'bagley bucks' is the most hilarious term ever to denote reward points that can be redeemed at the cafeteria.
Dessert: Hot chocolate, bite of cookie, and a handful of toffee bits compliments of my sister.

Active Cook Time: 30 minutes (we just ate leftovers, but I did some breakfast cookie experimenting)
Passtive Cook Time: 30 minutes (cookie baking times)
Breakfast: 1 1/2 breakfast cookies, 1/2 C milk
Lunch: Grilled cheese on homemade bread, orange, 1 oz. chocolate
Snack: Homemade juice with a bit of orange, 1 1/2 carrots, and a small handful spinach
Dinner: We had leftovers (supplemented with bananas and PB for the kids)--your choice of butternut soup, bread, and hot dogs. I had soup and a piece of bread and a bite or 2 of my daughter's hot dog.
Snack/Dessert: 2 breakfast cookies

Rough day in the kitchen. Experimented with crock pot butternut soup. Had to finish in a pot if we wanted to eat before 7pm (we did). So I doubled my dishes instead of reducing them. They're still hanging out staring at me if I go in the kitchen, so I'll try not to. Experimented with all PB in Chocolate Oat Breakfast Cookies. Weirdly, weirdly dry. Finished product fine, but not nearly as good. Consequently, hours cooking are a little high and great results, a little low.
Active cooking time: 1 hour
Breakfast: Oatmeal with the fixins.
Lunch: Big slab bread with PB, milk, orange
Dessert: Leftover cake
Dinner: Butternut squash soup, biscuits
Snack: Carrot, few bites sweets, orange

Active cooking time: 40 minutes (10 minutes to mix cake; 30 minutes for dinner; I cleaned up my mess with part of that time too)
Passive cooking time: 35 minutes (cake to bake)
Breakfast: Leftover oatmeal (you heard me; it wasn't half bad either) with raisins, coconute, a few almonds, a drizzle of cream and milk
Lunch: PBJ with homemade bread, orange
Dinner: Boxed mac and cheese (nutrified with some squash puree and real cheese), part of a hot dog, homemade french fries (sweet potato and russet potato)
Dessert: Birthday cake and homemade ice cream
Snack: 2 carrots

Active time for cooking and food prep/day: 45 minutes
Breakfast: Slice homemade bread with butter and a bit of PB, milk, orange
Snack: Apple
Lunch (on Sunday lunch is more like dinner for us): Homemade tater tots with eggs over easy, slice of homemade bread, and broccoli.
Dinner: Spinach salad with spinach and carrots
Dessert: Very small bowl homemade ice cream
Snack: Oatmeal with sugar, raisins, and milk
Active food cook and prep time: 30 minutes
Passive time (baking, simmering, dough rising, etc.): 1 1/2 hours (made bread)
Breakfast: 1 1/2 oatmeal raising breakfast cookies, orange, milk
Lunch: sweet potato with bit of butter and brown sugar
Dinner: Homemade whole wheat bread, 2 eggs, 1/2 apple
Snack: Mint tea (mint from garden last summer), spinach salad with spinach and carrot

Breakfast: 1 1/2 Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookies, orange
Lunch: Baked sweet potato with butter and a bit of brown sugar, baked potato with butter
Snack: homemade juice with 1/2 orange, 2 carrots, handful spinach
Dinner: Date night at Chili's thanks to a gift card Mom gave Kip for Christmas (thanks, Mom). I had a salad, fried shrimp, mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots (and a few snitches of Kip's steak and, um, his cheesecake), 1 1/2 cookies. (The kids had canned tomato soup and generic Saltines.)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with dates, pecans, brown sugar, milk
Lunch: Last bit of potato soup with 2 pieces homemade sourdough bread, some PB, orange
Snack: 2 apples, 1/2 C hot cocoa
Dinner: Quesidillas. We had a bunch of leftover bits of various cheese--like 1/2 inch cubes or weird things, so quesidillas seemed like the perfect way to use them up.
Dessert: coffee cake, herbal tea, and a cookie at book club (thanks, Brooke)
Snack: Carrot

Breakfast: 2 Chocolate Oat Breakfast Cookies, milk, and an orange
Lunch: Leftover chicken (leftovers were better than original), piece homemade sourdough bread with butter, few bites leftover cupcake (sorry Kip--I was supposedly saving it for you, but it called to me).
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Leftovers. We had potato soup, mac and cheese (from a box), canned peaches, a bit of pizza from lunch out with Dad, and bread. I had potato soup with sourdough.
Snack: Spinach salad, PB smoothie with about 1/4 C spinach thrown in as an experiment (verdict: it was good, but I think I'd just as soon have spinach salad on the side and a plain PB smoothie).

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, dates, brown sugar, dash of cream, and milk
Lunch: 2 slices homemade sourdough with PB and jam
Snack: Juice made with orange, 2 carrots, and small bunch spinach
Dinner (which was free for me because it was at my dear friend Cara's house. Happy Birthday Cara!!!): Haystacks followed by cupcakes and NY cheesecake (the goodies were made by me as my gift to Cara)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, dates, brown sugar, dash of cream, and milk
Lunch: The last bit of the polska kielbasa, fat slice homemade sourdough with PB and homemade jam, orange
Snack: PB banana smoothie
Dinner: Potato soup, sour dough bread
Nighttime snack: Green smoothie with a heap of spinach


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