Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheater 'Smores

Cheap Eat Challenge, Part 2: Watch as our family of 6 eats on less than $10/day.

(I know, I know; the pictures on the blog just keep getting better. What can I say? It was dark; it was a party.)

Tonight we had a marshmallow roast/'smores fest with some friends. I went to the store to buy some supplies and, while standing in the candy aisle in a stupor, wondered if I shouldn't try something new with the smores--Twix or Reese's or something else between the crackers. Or maybe I should go the other way and use some kind of cookie to sandwich the chocolate and marshmallow--like a chocolate chip cookie or a Nilla Wafer. But I just couldn't do it. Apparently, I'm a traditionalist.

So what did our first guest show up with? Deluxe Grahams. She said her parents always used them to sandwich a marshmallow. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. You get a two for one with the chocolate graham cookie and you have a simple 'smore with Kip's favorite store bought cookie. Oh, sure, I'm still a fan of the traditional sort, but these were good; they were great. And they were easy. The only problem is that Kip is still snacking on the Deluxe Grahams.

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