Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seed Organization: A Tip

This is how I keep my seeds organized. It's not rocket science, but it works. I got a large index card holder with the little alphabet tabs and I put my seed packets in. 

If you want to be an overachiever, you can write the year you bought the seeds on the packet and you can keep a running list of seeds you're out of that you need to buy. But even if you don't want to be an overachiever, this is so much better than a drawer/counter/corner in your garage/basement/attic stuffed with packets of random seeds spilling out and reproducing with mouse poop to form mutant creatures that will eventually take over the world. 


  1. Too funny! I keep mine in a ziplock bag, and keep them in the freezer when it's not planting season... I like the file box idea (except I don't think peas and beans would fit very well, but they don't fit anywhere very well)

  2. I confess that I have huge bags of peas and beans that are, in fact, in a drawer. Hopefully, they haven't had a chance to mate with any mouse excretion.



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