Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Couple Easter Ideas

Did I mention yesterday that I was a hypocrite? Oh good, I did. Because I am. Tonight I am so very very tired. I feel a little like it's Christmas Eve and I've been on my feet most of the day. Much of the reason for this involves goodies. I am going to try to rectify my evil ways and get off my feet shortly and do things that do not involve sweets and are more important than sweets. But first...

For breakfast we're having these:

Aren't they cute? See they're like little eggs in a nest. The cookie part is pretty healthy. You can find the recipe here, but you'll need to roll them into bigger (2-inch) balls and cook for 8 minutes. I used Cadbury milk chocolate eggs, but Robin's eggs would do nicely too.

I know, I know--we ought to be eating meat and vegetables for breakfast with all the candy that will be consumed throughout the day. But a big ol' quiche would go over just about as well as a bushel of broccoli so I just gave up and went with this.

And then I made these to give away.

Of course you could make these with any vanilla or lemon cupcake (or muffin) recipe you've got. I used this one (although I did make a few changes, which I'll be posting about next week because I'm really ready to get my feet up tonight). It was good, though I must warn you of two things.

1. The reviews are very conflicted. Some say it winds up flat and dense. Others had no problem. I was in the no problem camp and I will tell you why: You have to beat the 1st five ingredients for 5 minutes just like the recipe says. Capiche? Good.
2. The jelly beans bleed. This can turn out really pretty and rainbow-y and look like you intended for all those colorful swirls dripping around your muffin top. Or it can turn out sort of creepy--like a crying clown. It's a risk you might not want to take since it's Easter and all. So put the jelly beans on right before you plan to serve these. (P.S. If I bring you some of these Sunday, you have my apologies. I didn't realize the jelly beans would bleed until tonight when they did. I sincerely hope yours are of the rainbow swirl variety and not the crying clown variety.)

Also, I think they'd be really charming with a whole raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry up on top (or with a dab of syrup made from one of those fruits).

Happy Easter!!!

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