Friday, May 4, 2012

Food Essay Friday: How to Make Great Cake

My birthday is coming up. I never dread my birthdays. I look forward to them like a seven-year-old. I think part of the reason for this is that I love cake. And I make very good cake. It's not really a gift. It took a bit of practice and a few good recipes. Below you'll find a link to a post I wrote with several long-winded, but nevertheless very good tips for making great cake (and frosting).

Below that, you'll find a few of my favorite cake recipes.

Tips For Great Cake

Carrot Cake. I love carrot cake, but Kip doesn't. This is one for lovers of a dense cinnamony carrot cake.

Wacky Cake. This cake is full-proof, just as easy as a boxed cake, super cheap, and otherwise awesome in every way.

Apple Cake. This cake caused me to need addiction therapy.

My two favorite chocolate cakes. No I don't have to decide.

Orange Cake. This cake improves with age (as many a good cake does). You can mail this cake. And I once did. To my sister for her birthday. I expected (because they at the post office told me this was so) it to take about 2-3 days and therefore be at its peak in moisture. Nine days after her birthday it arrived. They ate it; they liked it; yeah, it would have been better at 3 days, but what kind of cake is edible after nine days. A very good one. Also, this cake can be made complicated (as it is in my post) or simple as a loaf or sheet cake (I sent my sister a loaf).

Red Velvet Cake. Here I swirled it with vanilla for a truly neat-o cake, but I really love it on it's own too. Truth be told, I think I even love it more on its own.

I have a bunch more, but will stop now. Must. Stop. Now. By the way, among those favorite cakes, you'll find many of my favorite frostings as well. And then tomorrow I'll have a gorgeous raspberry cake up on the site. And then on my birthday (or shortly thereafter) you'll get my most favoritest cake ever. EVER.

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