Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Chocolate Cakes

One of my little ones had a birthday today. Which always gets me thinking about cake. Over the course of my marriage I have made quite literally dozens of chocolate cakes in search of the perfect one--moist, chocolatey, not a brick, but dense enough to not fall apart all over itself. Sometimes I've made several in a weekend--in the name of science and good food of course. This search was at times frustrating--nothing worse than yet another birthday with a dry, crumbly chocolate cake. But in the end it paid off. I have several chocolate cakes that are worth getting to know--a chocolate cake for every occasion really. Plus--they're hard to mess up. Let me save you the search.

1. Best Layer Cake (my favorite chocolate cake ever)

2. A close second layer cake that is somewhat more devil's food-esque in appearance and texture:

3. Best 9x13 (also cheapest and easiest cake out there--you stir it in the pan)

4. Best Texas sheet cake. Pioneer woman wins this one. Do be sure those tablespoons of cocoa are heaping. Heaping.

5. Best chocolate flourless cake. (Plus another that's really good and almost virtuous.)


  1. This is my kind of post. I'm totally pinning this. But I might have to disagree with the Pioneer Woman's sheet cake...I made it once and I think I just couldn't get over the fact that there was almost a pound of butter in it. It just seemed like waaaay too much butter. But it was a long time ago so maybe I need to try it again.

    1. It's true about sheet cake, but if it makes you feel any better, any "Texas Sheet Cake" has a TON of butter in it.



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