Monday, August 5, 2013

Pizzadillas--An Easy Summer Meal

You ready for another super quick meal? Here you go.

The other night when I was making plain old boring quesadillas (which I, for the record, really like), I realized we had a little leftover pepperoni and a little leftover mozzarella. An idea was born. It was a good one. My girls went absolutely NUTS over this. And it was simple and super super fast. To make several takes only 10-15 minutes and dinner is served. And as for price, it's hard to beat. Tortillas are $.99/10, cheese is about $1.00/shredded cup, and just a bit of pepperoni is necessary--50 pepperonis is going to cost about 1.00. That's about $3.00 to serve 5 people. Add some spaghetti sauce to dip it in and some olives or a simple salad and it'll come up to $5.00 or 6.00 to serve 5 people. Not bad. (Note: These are Aldi prices.)

You can serve a salad on the side or olives. And we dipped our pizzadillas in spaghetti sauce. Actually we had a sort of quesadilla bar with different types of quesadillas.

Dipping + choices = big hit.


  1. numnum. :)
    How do you cook your quesadillas? I admit I can handle a lower-fat-just-heat-it-til-it-melts with a simple cheese quesadilla, but when we do pizza ones (which, it's been a LONG time, so thank you for the reminder!) I have to cook them in a little oil for a slightly crisp outer tortilla. I just feel sick if it's too soft with all that soft pepperoni and cheese inside. I'm a weirdo.

    1. You're not weird. I totally get it. I don't love them all floppy either. I usually put a little butter on them (sort of like grilled cheese) and I love them that way.



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