Sunday, September 15, 2013

Parmesan Corn

This month for Secret Recipe Club I had Jane's Adventures in Dinner. The blog is just beautiful and I pinned abut 700 (give or take a little) recipes from her site. But after a trip to Bud's Farm Market where we came home with a bunch of corn, I just had to go for this Parmesan Corn. And I'm so glad I did. Because it is DELICIOUS. The flavor combos were just perfect, although if you're averse to mayo (I know some people are--you crazy people, you), I think that this herb/flavor combination would be amazing mixed in with butter too.

Our corn itself was pretty perfect, but I think this would be an excellent way to redeem corn that was a little on the chewy or blah side (surely I'm not the only person who comes home sometimes with sub-par corn on the cob). Also, I think that even if you didn't have corn on the cob (hello coming winter season), this would be excellent mixed with any cooked corn (canned or frozen), and served as a side dish. It wouldn't match fresh corn on the cob, but I still think it would kick butt.

Parmesan Corn
adapted from Jane's Adventures in Dinner
Serves 4 (um, I think--a little trouble remembering here)
Prep and cook time: 10-15 minutes
Cost: $2.20
cheese: .50, lime: .35, cilantro: .10, mayo: .25, corn: 1.00

4 cobs corn, cooked
1/2 C shredded Parmesan
juice of a lime (about 1 Tbsp); you can add zest too if zest is your thing
1 Tbsp fresh chopped cilantro
1/2 C mayonnaise

Mix this all together. Then roll your corn in it.



  1. Yum!!! They look delicious and I bet the saltiness of the parm is perfect with fresh corn. Great SRC choice!

  2. My first thought was What? no butter? But the flavor combo sounds tempting enough to try,,, today... cuz I can't resist corn with park, lime and cilantro!

    1. Ha! That was my first response too. In fact, I was sure I was missing some butter somewhere at first, but no--it really works.

  3. I never ever would have thought of rolling my corn in a dressing, but this looks outstanding, and now I seriously want to try it.

  4. YUM. This corn looks fantastic! So tasty. :) Visiting from Group A! :)

  5. Hi Jeanie,
    This corn looks like it would be delicious and a great selection for the SRC!



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