Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Birthday Stuff

I interrupt this post to announce that soon it will be my birthday. You know what that means, right? That's right--cake. I should have a German Chocolate to you soon.

It also means free stuff. I have had this birthday dream for a while where I go around town on my birthday getting all kinds of free stuff available to me. Fun, huh? But I've never really done it. So tonight I decided to google "What can I get on my birthday for free?" Turns out you can get a whole stinking lot, people. And much of it totally straight up free--or so these bloggers claim. (Grand Slam at Denny's, Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins, free gift from Sephora). I admit that before I did this little Google search I was going to write an earnest, but pointless little post on the, like, two things I've ever tried. Instead, let me just link you to some posts with tons of ideas. That way you can sign up for what you like and get stuff on your birthday for free. Even though my spam will surely not thank me, I just signed up for a few things myself. I'm hoping I actually get them on my birthday this year (if not, I'm going to be totally unimpressed with whoever it is even if they do think I'm lying about my birth date since I just signed up conveniently right beforehand--surely I'm not the first.

And if you know of something you love to get for free on your birthday, please for all that is good and free in this world--leave a comment. My birthday happiness depends on it.

Below are three links.

Freebie Depot

All You

Hey It's Free

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