Friday, February 5, 2016

Local in Evansville: Chocolate Deals

Happy Day Evansvillians!

Today when I went to Schnucks for a quick run, I um, accidentally found myself in the chocolate aisle. It was a happy "accident" since they had a ton of really good chocolate on clearance. 

Naturally I sold my soul and stocked up. I don't know if it's on clearance at all locations, but at the Schnucks on Green River, south of Lynch, it's a steal. This is especially fantastic nine days before Valentine's Day when chocolate tends to skyrocket. Here's what I got (only, um, I got more than one of each item). 

-6 full sized Heath bars (8.4 oz): $1.00 
-Butterfinger (huge bar thing 4.4 oz): $.8, 
-Godiva minis (4.4 oz bag): $2.00 
-Green and Blacks (organic 3.5 oz): 2.00 
-Chocolove (3.2 oz): $1.00 
-Culinaria (2.15 oz) (which I've never tried before, but figured what the heck) $1.00 except the Butter Cake one, which was $.50 (whaaat?), 
-Dagoba (2 oz): 1.00 

They also had Godiva bars on sale 2 for $5 and the bags of Godiva squares (I think; or maybe Lindt) 2 for $7 (?). But I didn't buy any of those because the other things were such a fantastic deal. 

I got about a jillion of them, which I plan to freeze (not eat right away; pinky promise) and make into a little Valentine's baggy for Kip. These bars are usually $3-4 each.

Love you guys! Happy Valentine's Day from me. 

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