Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ebates--A Friendly Reminder That It's Awesome

In case you forgot about Ebates, let me remind you that it's awesome. 

You buy stuff like you normally would. And then you get cash back. For doing nothing except what you would normally do.

The other day I bought some jeans for my daughters. They needed jeans. They looked like tiny adorable homeless people with worn out jeans when went go to school. So I bought jeans. I had three good coupons for Kohl's, which I used just like I would have at the store and my jeans were a good deal. The only difference is that with Ebates I got a bonus deal of 6% back (this made my 15% off coupon more like a 20% off coupon, which makes me happy). It's not a ton of money that came into my account. It was $2.55, but I'd like to emphasize once again that it was entirely free money. If you send me $2.55 in the mail and I don't have to do anything at all, I will be happy. If you do this anytime I buy something online I will be happier.

Sign up for Ebates. Be happy.

Here's a link:

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