Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Apple Cake--Photo Redo

This is the best apple cake in the world with the best butter sauce in the world. Because of that, it's hard to get a good picture since swarms of hungry savages descend upon it and eat it before you get the chance (or maybe it's just me, hiding in a closet and scooping it out with my hands). Either way, it goes quick, so my last picture just didn't do it justice.

You can eat it plain and it's fabulous.

Or with this pure evil butter sauce up on top. 

You can find the recipe (and original not-great picture) HERE.


  1. We're living with Mom and Rod right now (all five of us, while our home is under major construction). So, there are 7 of us eating cake... but we have made this recipe THREE TIMES in under one week. SO GOOD.

    1. That makes me super happy!!!

    2. Also, I like how you blamed your mom and Rod for it...



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