Monday, November 20, 2017

No Cook Chocolate Mousse Pie--Photo Redo

Once upon a time, I made the most delicious, dumb-easy chocolate mousse pie in the world. It was so good that I just couldn't wait to get the awesomeness in my mouth. I shoved it into some ramekins and my family gobbled it up. This story was repeated several times. Never once did I stop to pause and actually make this food look beautiful. The first time I posted this I could barely stop licking my fingers long enough to get any pictures taken at all. Well, this weekend, we were invited to a pie party (why, yes, I do have the best types of friends, why do you ask?). So I made my pie. And I couldn't eat it all right away. Because, you know, it would have looked bad to show up at the pie party with no pie and chocolate smeared all over my face. I had to wait. And in waiting, I created an actual opportunity for me to take an actual picture of this pie that didn't look like a bunch of chocolate got dumped in a ramekin by someone who was actively licking her fingers. You're welcome, universe (and fellow pie-party-goers). 

This recipe takes between 10-15 minutes to whip up. So if you're needing a dumb easy chocolate fix this holiday season, I've got your back. 

You'll notice that since this picture was taken post-pie-party, the whipped cream towers were a little less towering. I smeared them around and found the effect perfectly lovely as well. And as I was fixing my non-peaked cream, I realized that this dish could also be sprinkled with seasonally colored sprinkles or shaves of chocolate or, heck sugared cranberries if dumb-easy isn't your holiday thing. 

Bon apetit. 

You'll find the recipe HERE


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