Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Pizza Ideas

Okay, guys, so you know all those glam shots you're always seeing on Pinterest that make you feel like you're failing as a mother, cook, and overall human being. Well, these aren't quite those. Aren't you happy? But hopefully they'll give you some fun ideas for December pizza nights. A pre-made crust and this is a 30 minute meal. A bread-maker crust and it's just as easy, though you have to think ahead. A quick pizza crust and it's still done in an hour.

I don't know what my obsession is with themed pizzas lately, but I'm just going to go with it.

This one is a Christmas tree.

I shaped it into a basic triangle, then cut the branches, so they were branchier, although once decorated, they were harder to see anyway, so you could probably go with just a triangle if you wanted to. This one was a ranch pizza, and the broccoli in the sauce gave it a bit of a green undertone (which was nice, but could have been done with a regular tomato sauce). Then it was decorated with pepperoni and olive "ornaments" and given a spinach garland. I cut the spinach into strips. A similar thing could have been done with basil leaves for a more grown-up taste.

And this here is a Christmas ornament.

Basic round pizza with an, um, hook at the top. Basic tomato sauce topped with cheese, then decorated with olives, pepperoni, and spinach.

The kids were in love.

They actually looked really great. And tasted great. Very crowd pleasing. And even though each of my kids picked his or her spinach off, they did not fuss about it being there as they normally would have.

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