Saturday, December 22, 2012

Homemade Nutella

Oh. Wow. Maybe this is circulating on the Internet right now; I don't know; I don't care. You should have this recipe and you should make it. And--truth be told--it's actually way more virtuous than most of the edible gifts being passed around these days (being larger parts nuts and cocoa than sugar, although, yes, sugar does herein exist). Many thanks to A Southern Fairytale for introducing it to me.

It's just incredible and it can be gluten free. It tastes amazing. And it's quick and easy to make. It is not intensely cheap, although I intend to experiment with some cheaper nuts and give this to friends and teachers next Christmas.

Every year I give Kip a jar of Nutella in his stocking. I also try to make a homemade gift or two. This kind of kills two birds with one stone for me. Now if I can just keep it a secret a few days longer.

One note on this: I had to order the hazelnuts online and they weren't cheap. If you can find them locally, they'll probably be more affordable. However, after making this, I'm sure it would be devilishly good with peanuts, almonds, or probably any other nut that you like. 

Oh, and to answer the big question that you all must be asking: Does it actually taste like Nutella? Well, yes and no. The flavor is very similar to Nutella. It's a little hazelnuttier, which IMHO is nothing but an endorsement. However, the texture is a little less smooth (at least when made with my food processor), just so you know--more similar to the texture of a natural peanut butter (though not quite so thick) than the incredibly smooth jarred Nutella.

Homemade Nutella
adapted from A Southern Fairytale
Makes about 2 Cups
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cost: $8.60
(hazelnuts: 7.00, coconut oil: 1.00, cocoa: .25, sugar: .35)

2 C toasted hazelnuts, peeled
1/2 C coconut oil, melted
1 C powdered sugar
1/2 C unsweetened cocoa powder
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp salt

Put hazelnuts in food processor or high-powered blender. Process until they form a paste. Add remaining ingredients and process. Scrape down the sides as needed and just keep blending until it's as smooth as possible.

I put this in mason jars to give away. Supposedly it lasts two weeks. I'm giving Kip a day and a half top.



  1. Where did you find hazelnuts around here?

    1. I didn't. I called the coop and Elbert's. I ordered them online and they were pricey. Afterwards I thought that I should have checked Fresh Market. I think this would be good with any number of nuts, though. Next time I'm going to try almond.

  2. Nice! Being in the UK, hazelnuts are plentiful, so I shall get going on this one asap then I can remain vegan and still have chocolate spread :)



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