Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Three Favorite Christmas Cookies

I have a lot of favorite Christmas treats. Most years I try to make them all, but this year in keeping with my slightly-scaling-back philosophy, I'm trying to limit it to three.

1. Dutch Almond Bars. These are surprisingly easy to whip up. Even if they weren't I would make them because they're some kind of wonderful.

2. Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies. You can make them with Andes mints or nuts or more chocolate if you're not a fan of cherries (and I'm not).

3. Seven Layer Cookies (aka Magic Cookie Bars, aka  Dolly Bars). These are the perfect holiday cookie for those of us who don't want to exert a lot of effort or don't have a lot of cookie skill or who just like 7 layers of decadent goodness.

Okay, so even as I write this, I'm feeling all twitchy and wanting to add more cookies to this list because I do love me some Christmas cookies. Here's a runner-up. If I dare call it anything that sounds subpar in anyway.

4. Molasses Crinkles. Sugar-crispy outside, soft middle, spicy, comforting, lovely.

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