Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ice Cream Cake--A Decorating Idea

Remember this ice cream cake? It's delicious, but the top is a plain expanse of white. Someone boring and old like me would likely just add candles or maybe sprinkles (or M&M's anyone?). But not my kids. Thanks to my sister, they like to add Airheads to theirs. But they don't just flop rectangular Airheads on. They heat them, shape them, and then they place them. Airheads, in fact, have become requisite to the making of an ice cream cake in our family.

It's true that these cake decorations, made by actual real-life children, will probably not make Martha Stewart Living's cover page. But they will make your children happy. And that is what birthday's are about.

(and they're still pretty cute)

Here's what you do:

1. Remove the Airhead from its package.
2. Heat an airhead for 6-10 seconds in the microwave. You'll be surprised how fast they heat up. You don't want them melted. Just warm. In fact, if you found yourself with no microwave, you could probably (maybe) put it in your pocket for a few minutes and get the desired effect (public service announcement: put it in your pocket before removing wrapping; thank you).
3. Shape it quickly into whatever you want. It's going to cool and harden, so you don't have to be a whirlwind sculptor or anything, but you can't take all the time in the world here.
4. Set it on wax paper.
5. Add to cake when you're ready.

(flowers, butterflies, and a pond)

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