Monday, August 1, 2011

July Assessment

It's late, so July is going to get a fairly quick run-down.

We spent a total of $287.97 (that's including our milk share and our CSA). I subtracted $25.00 for entertaining costs, which took us to $262.97. That leaves us at $8.48/day. And for the record, we've all be eating a booty load of fruits and vegetables. Even Kip and the kids are getting a lot more than usual.

Here's the breakdown:

Produce: 80.30
Grain: 41.45
Dairy: 54.39
Sweets/sugars: 27.58 (yes, I'm embarrassed every time)
Fats: 19.71
Meat/Eggs: 18.52
Nuts, Legumes, Beans: 31.76
Condiments/Other: 14.26 (whoo, I must have been postponing some of those purchases earlier in the year)

I'm pretty proud of how we've done. That said, fruits and vegetables are super cheap this time of year and plentiful. The garden is helping out, as are my friends' gardens and the CSA is pumping stuff out right now too. Also, we generally get more milk from our milk share in the summer.

How'd we cheat?

I don't think we did, although I must admit this: I felt like my record-keeping was a little sloppier this month. I didn't try to omit anything, but we've been busy and it's possible a few things got forgotten.

My goals for August? 

Hello, menus, where are you? Okay, I do cook a little more off the cuff in the summer--as in, "What's ripe in the garden today/this week?" But seriously, I've got loads of food ideas and I'm just not writing them down. I will try to rectify that this week (though it may be near the end of the week as I'm a little busy right now).


  1. I think next month you should make a goal to spend more of your entertaining budget on my family and less on other families. In fact, perhaps I can even provide a venue for that goal to be accomplished. Great idea, huh? Michael says he hasn't seen Kip in like 6 months, that must be rectified.

  2. We should rectify that for sure. I know--we should have you over for a dinner of spaghetti and chocolate mousse and then you can go into labor early that morning. Name the day you want to go into labor and we'll get together the night before as long as Kip isn't working. (I have this amazing roasted tomato sauce--oh it was so good--posting soon.)



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