Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cookies and Cream (An Icebox Cake)--Photo Redo

Today is my mother's birthday. So I made her favorite food. Because that is the type of selfless memorial we're all about around here. Love you, Mom.

And look what I did.

I made it all pretty.

I can't say I did that for Mom. No. I did that for you Pinterest. And for the rest of you, social media.

But the truth--the honest truth--is that you needn't make it like this. And the honest honest truth is that to make it on a cake stand like this is a terrible idea. Unless you have a cover for your cake stand and a very very empty fridge to store it in. Because this cake needs to sit in the fridge for 24 hours before you can eat it.

If you want to skip the cake stand and still make it pretty, just put it onto a little Tupperware pie or cake container.

See, still pretty, but much more practical.

And then, you can cover it up with more whipped cream because--personally--that's how I like it best. And look--still pretty. albeit not quite as showy.

You could even sprinkle some crumbs from the cookies on top for visual effect, but I didn't think of that until I was typing this up.

Then cover it, pop it in your fridge. 24 hours later you're good to go.

Now if you really really want it on that cake stand--say, for a certain loving, but potentially over-hyped holiday, you can prepare it on waxed paper on your nice practical Tupperware container, cover it, let it sit, and then just before eating, use that wax paper to slip it onto a fancy cake stand before serving. If that's your style. (Trim that waxed paper and you're good to go.)


But except for the occasional burst of energy with this blog, that kind of fancy isn't usually my style. If you click to the original post, you'll  see what my style is (note: lazy; also not particularly visual). I put it all into a glass bowl with a lid and then flop it out with a spoon. It works, but Better Homes and Gardens won't be calling you (by which I mean, of course, me) any time soon. Here are some pic's from that original post for your viewing enjoyment.

And for the skinny on this recipe (by which I don't mean anything skinny at all), have a look at the post. It will give you all you ever wanted to know about this simple recipe, and lots of stuff you never needed to know. Below you'll find the basic recipe, but--you know--not the self-gratifying blabbing I usually do (because there was nothing self-gratifying in this post at all; nothing).

Cookies and Cream (An Icebox Cake)
Serves: Um, my family of 6 (but it should serve more; it really should; we have issues)
Prep time: 15 minutes
Fridge time: 24 hours
Cost: $5.12 (Okay, I know I've been highlighting some sort of pricey desserts lately, but May is my holiday month, okay. Besides, this is way cheaper than you'd get even one teeny from-a-box-of-some-sort dessert at a chain restaurant.)
(cookies: $3, cream: $2, sugar: .12)

1 box Nabisco Chocolate Wafers
1 pint cream
3/4 C sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Beginning by whipping your cream. Pour it in a bowl and blend it until soft peaks form. When they do, add the sugar and vanilla. Whip or beat until firmer peaks form.

Put a blob of it on the bottom of a salad bowl and spread that around. Make one layer of cookies, breaking some if you need to so they don't overlap. Add more whipped cream and spread. Add another layer of cookies. Repeat until you top it off with a thin layer of whipped cream.

Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours or until the cookies are perfectly soft.


  1. I think both sets of pics look good; sometimes the more posed they are the harder it is to make them look real!

    1. Ha ha. So true. I've been working to make my pictures prettier. It does NOT come naturally to me.



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