Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Essay Friday: Take It Easy On Me Pinterest

I'm sure some of you have already seen this article. It's a good one. I share it with you today because I've been thinking a lot about this sort of thing in terms of food. (Crafts, home decor and I gave up on each other a long long time ago. Just ask the wallpaper in my bedroom. It's textured and yellowed and has these '70s streaks of color; it intends to be standing long after world war III or Christ's second coming; it laughs to think that global warming could affect it at all; in fact, it fully intends to survive and form it's own planet after the rest of this one has imploded and returned to dust; at least that's what it whispers in my ear when I'm sleeping. But, uh, that's another post for another day.)

So, yes, back to food. Because we're certainly all putting our best face forward. Otherwise, the pictures at the top of my blog would look like this:

Yeah, pretty much every day.

And then you'd see my baby with food in her hair and her face and that bit of food on the side of her chin that is actually from the last meal I served her (or the one before that) that I someone missed when I wiped off her face. And then you'd see her stained shirt. And you'd probably also see that I'd forget to oxyclean it and that it would be thus stained forevermore.

And then you'd scroll down to an audio of my kids whining and complaining about dinner. And me threatening them with all kinds of things. And telling everybody to sit down and stop roller skating around the kitchen before I scream (except that sometimes I'm already screaming) and then everybody whining some more. And then at least one plate pushed aside and someone asking if they can put peanut butter on their tortilla and then somebody asking if they can put peanut butter and sugar on their tortilla and, yes, well, on and on.

Now I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with putting one's best face forward. It's just that we ought to remember that it is someone else's best face. Not only that, but on blogs it tends to be their best face at something they're actually good at. Not only that, it tends to be their best face posed. These things can provide inspiration and yadayadawhatnot. And they do. But when they stop providing that, then maybe it's time to turn off the dang computer and read a good book or take a hot bath or go give somebody you love a kiss.

So read the article. And remember that even in that she's putting a nice face forward (and that she has daughters and that your son might not seem to care less if you sing to him at night, but that he really loves you any way, only he shows it in male ways, like farting on you; because if you know anything, you know that this impresses all the girls.) Also, try not to be consumed with crazy envy for the magnetic alphabetized spices. Not that I am or anything. No really. I'm totally cool with my super disorganized spices of all different shapes and sizes on a shelf that makes it impossible to ever find quite the one I'm looking for. And when I do find it, it is quite possibly out of its spice or its spice is spilled all over said cabinet. But, no, really, I'm fine. I don't need any fancy alphabetized stainless steel magnetic spice organizers.

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