Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pain au Chocolat (American-style)

The French like bread. The French like chocolate. I like bread. I like chocolate.

The French wrap chocolate into croissant-like bread and eat it for breakfast. I decided I could wrap a bit of Nutella into a whole wheat roll. You see, one night I was making some rolls when a jar of Nutella in our cupboard caught my eye. And I figured it was time to go a little French, so I wrapped about 1 teaspoon of that Nutella into my whole wheat rolls and we ate it for dinner. And it was blissfully good--even better than I'd expected. The blob of Nutella tended to spread out into the roll, so that when you bit in you didn't just get one really great bite, you got nearly a whole warm roll with a layer of warm chocolate spread throughout. Yeah. Did I mention it being awesome. Because it was. (You can personally note this awesomeness in the above picture--that was a little blob--see how much it spread)

To further beautify its awesomeness, it was really just a small little blob of Nutella--a tiny indulgence that went a very long way and made for something that tasted undoubtedly decadent although it was really just a little sin (as the French might say).

Pain au Chocolat (American-style)

1. Make a roll recipe you enjoy. I adore this one, which can be made white, part whole wheat or 100% whole wheat (I often do part whole wheat--about 1/2). Let rise as you normally would.

2. When you're about to wrap the dough into rolls, plop 1 tsp of Nutella into the center and roll the rolls around it.

See how it's just a tiny blob.

Then wrap the dough around it and put this folded side down in the pan, so they look smooth(ish) like in the picture below.

3. Let rise.

4. Bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes.

5. Eat. These are amazing warm. I bet they are cold as well, but I can't tell you because we ate all of ours before they hit that point.

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