Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tree House Salad

This month for Secret Recipe I had Lea Ann with the blog Cooking on the Ranch. Her blog was just absolutely beautiful. It is one of my favorite blogs that I've found through Secret Recipe Club. I mean the pictures alone were enough to make you want to eat every single thing. Usually for SRC one recipe just jumps out at me and I want to make it. This time, I seriously couldn't decide what to make. I pinned a bunch of recipes and bought ingredients for the lemon zucchini bread. But then fate sort of decided for me that I would not be making that because we lost our power several nights ago and haven't gotten it back (yup, typing this up with a little help from our generator, which can't power our whole oven). So no lemon zucchini bread for me on Mother's Day (can I get a boo hoo...). But don't worry, I got this delicious salad instead.

Truly I love me a good salad almost as much as I love me a good sweet bread (yeah, almost). This one was one of the many recipes I'd had pinned. And it did not disappoint. It was crunchy with a little sweet from the dressing and some creamy from the cheese. A little of this with a fire pit hamburger for Mother's Day and I can be just as spoiled as I would have if we had full power. (P.S. Power came back on tonight--Happy Mother's Day to me; it meant I made these burgers indoors. Because fire pits are great and all, but so is getting dinner on without having to wait 2 hours for perfect fire/coals.) No more cooking (or rather mixing up salad dressing) by candlelight.

Thanks Lea Ann for such a beautiful blog and wonderful salad.

Tree House Salad
from Cooking on the Ranch
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cost: $6.15 (yes, that's a lot, but this makes quite a bit of salad--I halved it)
oil: .50, vinegar: .10, sugar: .05, lettuce: 1.25, blue cheese: .25, walnuts: 2.50, hearts of palm: 1.50

1/2 C peanut oil
1/4 C rice vinegar
3 Tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper
2 heads lettuce (one romaine and one leafy)
1/4 C crumbled blue cheese (I used goat because even though I thought I had blue, I didn't)
1 C toasted walnuts (ours were un-toasted due to our little no oven issue)
1 can hearts of palm, drained and cut into rounds

Combine first 5 ingredients (through salt and pepper) into a dressing. Do this by putting them all into a jar and shaking it like crazy or blending it in a little mini blender or food processor or getting out a whisk and going to town.

Toast your walnuts if you wish. Combine lettuce, blue cheese, walnuts, and hearts of palm. Dress with the dressing and enjoy.



  1. I most certainly am giving you a boo-boo for not being able to make that bread. It's delicious! But you really picked a good one with this salad. I've not made it in awhile and it's one of our favorites. Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog. And you can also give me a boo-boo for Mother's Day. We currently have about 8 inches of snow on the ground and it snowed all day yesterday. :) Nice cooking with you for SRC.

    1. Wow. Snow! That is crazy and I do give you a boo hoo. The salad is awesome and, don't worry, I've got power and zucchini and lemon sitting in my fridge. I'm planning to get to the bread this week.

  2. I actually made her lemon zucchini bread for the SRC last summer - and it was AWESOME! You'll love it. :)
    The salad sounds great,too.

  3. I know what it is like not to have power. Hurricane Sandy gave us a lesson. I definitely shouted Boo Hoo. I think the salad makes up for it though. Summer is on its way and I look for new salads to make. This looks yummy.

  4. This sounds great, and yay for having power back!

  5. This looks so good! Thanks for sharing with the SRC. Cooking without power is a challenge! Glad you're back on.

  6. YUM. That salad looks so fresh and yummy! Visiting from group A :)

  7. Looks great, especially considering your conditions! Interesting name too, I wonder if there's a story to go along with it.

  8. This is a good looking salad. I've yet to try hearts of palm. One of these days I will!

  9. Lea Ann does have a great blog! I haven't had herts of palm in a salad in a very long time...that will be changing soon. Great SRC selection.

  10. I bet that lemon zucchini bread will be delicious as soon as you make it. But that salad looks outstanding - I love a really flavorful salad! Glad your power came back :)

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