Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Local Deals: Colonial Thrift Bread Store

I've decided to start highlighting some awesome local deals that I find. I realize that many of you are not local--don't worry--this site will still mainly contain recipes. But sometimes I just find deals in the nooks and crannies of Evansville that are just too good not to tell about.

And speaking of nooks and crannies, let's talk about today's highlight:
Colonial Thrift Bread Store 
5922 Vogel Rd.
Evansville, IN 47715
(This is on Vogel between Green River and Burkhardt.)

Why do I love this store?
1. They have good quality bread for very cheap. (my favorite is the Brownberry--known in other parts of the country as Orowheat; Colonial also carries Sara Lee.) A loaf of Brownberry that will run $2.78 at Walmart is only $1.59 at Colonial. I should note that they also have plain old white bread (if that's your thing) for very very cheap.
2. They run promotional deals or promotional games as well. Right now, they have a roulette wheel. When you spend $10, you get a roll on the roulette wheel. It lands on a number and you get that many more products for FREE. Even if you already bought all the bread you can use or store, you can get a ticket to use the next time. For example, today I let Emma roll and she rolled a 6 (good girl; I've never rolled higher than a 2, but Emma's a high roller). That meant that in addition to the fabulous deals on bread we got today, we can get 6 products (bread, donuts, whatever they have that you want) for free. I had bought all I needed today, so I got a little ticket. Now, next time I go in, I won't have to pay at all to get 6 loaves of bread (or any other products I want).
3. Often if they have too much, they give things away for free. Last time I went there I got two packages of Hawaiian rolls. About a month ago, I got 2 packages of  Hawaiian rolls and 2 packages of donuts (yeah, my kids were loving that--I never buy donuts, but for free--yup I'll take them).
4. They often run other promotions. Today when I went they had pumpkin English muffins for $.75/package and bagels for $.99.

Today, this is what I got. I paid $10.53 for it. Plus, I got my ticket for 6 more free items. That means that each item averaged (or will have averaged) $.65. If you had bought these things at Walmart, you would have spent approximately $25.00 for only 10 things ($2.50/item). Even at Walmart, the 4 loaves of bread alone would have exceeded the cost of the price I paid today for 16 items.

(One bagel rolled out of the shot. I got four loaves of bread, four packages of bagels, and two packages of English muffins for $10.53. All were name brands. Most were whole wheat and healthy.)

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