Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Fantastic Chocolate Christmas Cookies

I was going to post an amazing standard sugar cookie recipe for you today. Except I can't because the ones I made were only meh. I am currently on the prowl for an absolutely fantastic knock-your-socks-off sugar cookie recipe, so that hopefully next week I can lovingly present it to you, but this week all I had was a so so same-as-always-dough-tastes-better-than-cookie recipe and we can't be having that. So I'm going back to my safe zone: chocolate. And presenting you with five really fantastic chocolate cookies to make this season. Interestingly, I think that chocolate always gets the short shrift in Christmas cookie land. Maybe fudge just steals their thunder. But fudge won't be stealing any of this thunder because these cookies are amazing.

1. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies. If you're a devoted cherry fan, these will be your new best friend, but even if you hate maraschino cherries, you can make these with other fillings like Andes mints or walnuts and they're wonderful.

2. Chocolate Sugar Cookies That Keep Their Shape. Now here is a sugar cookie to be proud of. Maybe I can't find a standard sugar cookie that I like, but this chocolate version makes up for that by, like, 10,000%. I like them better than Oreos and that's a fact.

3. Chocolate Cookies with Orange Sugar Zest. Perfection. That is all.

4. Nutella Cookies. These cookies are for the time-crunched, the stressed, the lazy (oh come on, you know who you are--don't be ashamed). It has four ingredients and you mix them. Chewy. Delicious. Easy. Hazzah.

5. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Whoopie Pies). I love love love these--they rub Oreo's face in the dirt. You can do the center any color you wish or leave it white and roll it in sprinkles, sugar, or crushed candy canes. You could also flavor the center frosting with mint. 

Bonus. Seven Layer Cookies. Not an entirely chocolate cookie, but in our version the chocolate definitely dominates. Also, dumb easy and crowd-pleasing.

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