Thursday, January 6, 2011

Faking Spring

Cheap Eat Challenge: Join us as our family of 6 eats (or tries to) on $6/day.

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Faking Spring:

I was in Rural King the other day. (If you don't have a Rural King, 1st of all I pity you because we're addicted. Secondly, it's a farm store with lots of gardening stuff and pet food and chicks in the spring and Carhart coats if that's your thing.) Anyway, I was in Rural King getting cat food and I passed a shelf full of seeds. And I thought, "Those lunatics; it's January 5th. Who's going to buy seeds now?" And then I paused and looked at it--at all the seeds for all the vegetables that I love so much. And then I saw that the cheap packets were on sale for $.15. And then I walked out of the store with 6 packets. Because clearly, I'm insane too. And because the promise of early spring veggies is so inviting. And because I figured that I have a couple of pots inside and this would be a great opportunity to experiment with putting some veggies in them.

Which is what I did. Today I planted some seeds for green onions in my teeny little pot that has housed a dead wax begonia for the last 2 months.

And in a few more weeks when I'm ready to part ways with my leaf-dropping poinsetta, I'll try a kale plant in that pot. The temperature in our house, after all, could easily be descibed as "early spring," so it should be just perfect. And no cabbage lopers inside, right. (Oh, please, I hope not.)

I've had success with those cheap-o onion seeds only once (the 1st time I ever tried, which has made successive efforts all the more frustrating), so we'll see how it goes. But the promise of a pot with fresh dirt and just planted seeds. I guess I can't resist it.

So, if you'd like to experiment with me seeds are on sale right now at Rural King.

Also, Rural King is a great place to buy basic spices. They're normally only $.99 and are on sale this week for $.75. I got 2 oz of nutmeg and 3.5 of ground mustard (don't have to count them yet for the cheap eat challenge; haven't used them:).

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