Friday, May 27, 2011

An Award

I recently received an award from Successful...Together. I haven't received a blogging award before so that was pretty exciting. Thank you, Angie.

Here are the rules that come with this award:

#1 You thank the person that awarded it to you and list a link back to them

#2 Tell 7 things about yourself

#3 Pay it forward by sending it to your favorite recently found new bloggers

#4 Contact the blogger that you have awarded and make them aware.

Here are seven things about me:

1. I have 4 children. I suppose that some would say that shouldn't be the first thing on this list because a woman's children shouldn't be the thing that defines her. Please. What's supposed to define me; my breast size? Anyway, yes, 4 children and they do define me. They've been gifts and more than anything else in my life, they've helped me discover who I really am. Ironic, that.

2. I live on 1 1/2 acres of land and I cannot stop digging out gardens. I'm planning to seek counseling soon. 

3. We have a cat and 2 ducks. We had 6 other ducks. Two were carried off during a bad thunderstorm and the other 4 followed a boy duck in the neighborhood to another yard. My husband grieved by buying two more. I can only imagine what will happen when our children leave home. 

4. I love chocolate. And also cake. I'm planning to seek counseling for that soon as well. Of course I've been planning that for a while now.

5. I love to walk. And do push ups (at least I love it after I've done push ups). And yoga.

6. My favorite vegetables all start with 'a': artichokes, asparagus, avocado. I'd never eaten any of those vegetables until a few years into my marriage.

7. I have a husband who recently helped me plant 5 new fruit trees even though he didn't want any more trees in our yard. (They were 75% off at Lowe's. I couldn't help myself. I was possessed by tree fairies. Also, yes, seeking counseling, soon, right, soon.) Now that's a man. 

I decided to pass this award to Alyssa at Cupcake Apothecary. Her blog is new, but she seems to be going at it full throttle. And, yes, she posts more than just cupcakes. 


  1. Thanks for choosing me! This would be my first award as well!Is there like a button or something I post on my blog?

  2. Um, I don't know. i didn't get a button, but I tend not to do the button thing. When I received the award, it didn't say "pick up your button" or anything...(Seriously, how unhelpful is that:).

  3. oh... Is there a name to this award? (my passing awarded person is asking)

  4. Okay, I had a look at Angie's site, where I got mine. Yes, there is a name. It's called The Versatile Blogger. There also appears to be a button, though I don't see any instructions about how to obtain that.

  5. Oh I am such a fail-er. I just saved it to my computer and uploaded it to my blog. YIKES! Sorry for being a bad award sharer! It was my first too, and there wasn't a link or anything there for me either :(

  6. Don't worry, Angie. It wasn't part of the rules or anything. (And even if it was...I am, after all, a rebel without a cause). I'm just glad you gave it to me.

  7. :) I really do love your site! You post some great stuff!



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