Saturday, May 7, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday...

I had 4 birthday wishes: make a cake, go for a walk, take a nap, and blog my cake.

It took 2 hours to get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded (it went something like this: load dish, take care of disaster, load dish, stop girls from fighting, load dish, repair toy, load dish, pick up screaming baby and rock, load dish, lose temper with fighting children, load dish, apologize to children and try to explain responsibility, load dish, shed a few tears, load dish, feed screaming teething baby... you get the idea). My baby (who is really a toddler, but I have trouble accepting that), pretty much scream/cried the whole day (until the babysitter came so Kip and I could go out to dinner; I should have called her in the morning).  And there were about 8 loads of laundry to be folded. Also, my cake was a disaster.

But it tasted good. And my kids are healthy and beautiful and bright. And I have a dishwasher, heaven bless it. And a washing machine too. And some great ideas about how to improve the disasterlyness of the cake.

Though you'll have to wait till Monday to get for that.

For now, a look at cake disaster. Enjoy.

Crooked cake, check. Almond filling oozing out, check, picture taken with flash so it's especially garish, check.

I ended up taking the messed up layers apart again, then shaving them so the crooked oozing cake didn't topple over. Here are the shaved bits. They should make a lovely trifle next week. Or, yeah, something like that. 

Naturally all that stacking and re-stacking took its toll. We let this frosting set and then refrosted it later.

Though the finished product looked a little like something someone made while in the midst of experiencing a severe bout of vertigo. I mean, I, uh, was going for the quaint, homemade look. 

It sure tasted good though. Stay tuned Monday for the cake that might have been--still delicious, but less, uh, quaint. 

Other highlights of the day: 

Kip found a baby turtle (it was sunning in the top of the mimosa tree--yeah, still a little flooded round here).

One of the ducks found herself a gentleman friend. Or rather a gentleman friend found one of the ducks. But I didn't take a picture of that. Kip named him Rico. He's been hanging around all day, even after we penned our ducks for the night. And I must say, as ducks go, he is rather handsome. 


  1. You are hilarious!

    I'd still eat the cake. I bet it tastes wonderful!

    love the adorable!

    happy mother's day to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Jean!! I think the cake looks YUMMY :) Looks aren't everything, lol. Love the turtle too... very cute.

  3. Sorry about the sucky birthday... Hope your date was fun! Troy wants me to alert you to the dangers of turtles and salmonella. Wash your hands! I think he's too cute!

  4. Other Highlights: A group a cheery-faced friends gathered around you to sing and rejoice in the fact that you just exist in the world. Surely the birthday dinner/party should at least MAKE THE LIST with the turtle!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes Betsy and Brooke.

    Rebecca, we had a great date. Tell Troy we licked our fingers clean after playing with the turtle.

    Vanessa, my dear, I admit that I am perhaps a little too careful about leaving friends out of my food blog. And, come on, the turtle was REALLY cute. Just kidding--the cheery faced friends were better. You guys seriously transformed a rough birthday into a great one. And that was totally the best birthday song ever in my life. Thanks. Also--I wrote all about you on my family blog (before seeing this comment:)).



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