Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Food Journal

Today I have a quick question for you all:

Does anybody care about "Jean's Food Journal"? In it, I keep a sometimes haphazard record of what I and my family eat each day. Lately it's been less fun for me to do.

However, if people are interested in it, I will certainly do it, and I will try to do it more diligently and more often (I've started slacking a bit in the last month or two and have been skipping days). I expect, in fact, that if people really are interested in it or have suggestions for how to improve it, it might even become more fun again.

And so, if you are interested in it or perhaps if you aren't, but you think you could be, please tell me what you'd really really like to see in it.
Do you want it to be more specific? 
Do you want portion sizes included? 
Do you want to know how many fruits and vegetables the rest of the family consumes? 
Do you want to know how much time I spend in the kitchen cooking and/or cleaning? 
Do you want to know how very many delicious foods I make just for me because I am purely confident that they will bomb with my family? 
Do you want to hear the comments my children sometimes make at the dinner table about my food (hint: it doesn't start with 'This is delicious Mom; how do you do it all)? 
Do you want to know my anti-aging secrets (sorry, you got the wrong blog, honey)?

At any rate, let me know what kind of food journal you would be interested in (if any)?

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