Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roasted Vegetable Hummus

Cheap Eat Challenge, Part 2: Watch as our family of 6 eats on less than $10/day.

So I took a jillion pictures of this dip, side by side with the plain vegetable dip and the plain hummus that inspired it. The dips were colorful; they were interesting. Unfortunately, the larger images came out with certain of those dips looking a little like poop. So you get this severely cropped version. Note to self: when taking pictures of thick dips, just...just be careful.

A while back, I shared this roast veggie spread. I mused about combining it with hummus. And today that is just what I did. It was really good. It was even healthier than regular hummus. And it was a great way to use up ugly vegetables.

But it does require the good part of an hour for vegetable roasting. I couldn't help but wonder if it would be easier just to bend some raw chopped pepper, tomato, and/or carrot into your hummus. Also, I was hoping it would come out so that you just threw one recipe of hummus in the blender with one recipe of dip. And you could, but I preferred it in both texture and taste when it had more hummus and less vegetable--about 2 parts hummus to 1 part vegetable to be exact. That is the recipe I'll give below, but you'll notice you're using some pesky 1/2 vegetables. Sorry, folks, it tastes better that way.

Roasted Vegetable Hummus
Makes 3 C dip (approximately)
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30-40 minutes
Cost: about $2.00 if your vegetables are cheap

Roast at 400 degrees:

1/2 eggplant
1 small tomato, seeded
1/2 red pepper
1/2 onion (1/4 if your onion is huge), optional
1 clove garlic
1-2 Tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper for sprinkling

Dice these and roast them at with olive oil and salt and pepper for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees until they turn dark at the edges. Note: I think when combining this with the hummus you can skip the onion which will give the final product a more purely hummus-y taste. But it's up to you.

Once roasted, let cool for a minute and then throw them in the blender with this:

1 can chick peas, drained
1/4 C tahini
1/4 C olive oil
1/8-1/4 C water

Blend until smooth.

Eat with crackers or sour dough bread. Oh, and have some gum on hand for afterwards; you're gonna need it.



  1. that sounds really good.
    just one question.. where do you find the tahini? I know what it is and have briefly looked for it before at the store but never found it (granted I didn't look really hard, just kinda glanced around).

  2. The only place I've found it here is Schnucks. I feel like I always have to ask where it is. It's either in the salad dressing aisle or the peanut butter aisle. You can also order it online, but I haven't ever.



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