Friday, September 30, 2011

September Assessment

Time for September's assessment.

This month began for us with my sister in the D.C. area and then my sister in WV. Thus I didn't start counting our money until the 7th of September. For that portion of the month we spent $262.70 on food. After subtracting $25.00 for entertainment costs, it came to $237.70 which, divided by the 24 days of the month we're counting is: $9.90/day.

Here's the breakdown:

Produce: 69.01 (that's including our 27.00 CSA cost)
Grains: 34.35
Dairy: 65.90 (that's including the 17.00/month for our raw milk share)
Meat/Eggs: 24.23
Beans/Legumes/Nuts: 25.95
Sugars/Sweets: 21.65
Fats: 13.95
Condiments: 7.66

It's the most expensive month for us so far, though I have to say we didn't eat out at all until tonight and I've been making more of an effort to prepare snacks for Kip to take to work, so he doesn't eat the free junk food that is hanging around. That said, we wasted more than usual this month. I'd like to tell you what I wasted and I have a partial list over here in costs, but truth be told, I did a horrible job keeping track this month. I'll try to do better next month. In fact, maybe I'll do a food waste Friday like some of the other bloggers out there and show you what we end up throwing out.


We did a much better job eating more fish this month. For next month, I hope to continue and to add some more omega 3's. And I do hope to add a food waste Friday just for this coming month. I would also like to take that evaluation day and use it to make my shopping lists--something along the lines of 'This is what I've got in the fridge; this is what we plan to make with it.'

How'd We Cheat:

We didn't that I know of, although I did lose at least one large receipt. I remember prices pretty darn well, having been a keeper of them for the better part of a year now, but I do have a few question marks in my costs. They're at least really close to right.

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